Circuit World: Volume 26 Issue 2


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Investigation, analysis and determination of inclusions in high‐tolerance board design

A.V. Scott, W.J. Buchanan

This paper outlines the inclusions in laminates that can cause the false rejection in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture. Laminate inclusions are now becoming prevalent…

ITRI project on electroless nickel/immersion gold joint cracking

B F.D.

A problem exists with electroless nickel/immersion gold (E.Ni/I.Au) board surface finish on some pads, on some boards, that causes the solder joint to separate from the nickel…

Environmental issues in electronics manufacturing: a review

Brian Ellis

This is a review paper, covering the various concerns that the electronics manufacturing industries are currently addressing, except for semiconductor manufacturing. These include…


An overview of microvia technology

John H. Lau, Chris Chang

There are many advantages of microvia: it requires a much smaller pad, which saves the board size and weight; with microvia, more chips can be placed in less space or a smaller…


Comparison of the dielectric constant and dissipation factors of non‐woven aramid/FR4 and glass/FR4 laminates

Subhotosh Khan

Permittivity and dissipation factor (Dk and Df) are effects of polarization of different components of the dielectric substrate material when subjected to an electrical field. A…

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