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21 February 2020

Algerian protest movement will eventually fizzle out

ALGERIA: Protest movement will eventually fizzle out

21 February 2020

Argentine write-down rumours abound amid uncertainty

ARGENTINA: Write-down rumours abound amid uncertainty

21 February 2020

Cambodia will work to ease impact of trade sanctions

EU trade sanctions on Cambodia.

21 February 2020

Coronavirus will hit global services in early 2020

INTERNATIONAL: Coronavirus to hit services in 2020

21 February 2020

Economic improvements in Mali will be too slow

Ranked 184th out of 189 countries in the UN’s 2019 Human Development Index, Mali faces long-standing economic and development challenges. In addition, the north and east…

21 February 2020

Ecuador’s military faces cuts as security risks build

Military pressures.

21 February 2020

Extremism is rising in Europe's security forces

Extremism in security forces.

21 February 2020

Lesotho PM's murder charge will scupper departure plan

LESOTHO: PM's murder charge will wreck departure plan

21 February 2020

Libyan warlord's ceasefire conditions are unreachable

LIBYA: Haftar ceasefire conditions are unreachable

21 February 2020

Morales ruling will compound Bolivia injustice claims

BOLIVIA: Morales ruling will compound injustice claims

21 February 2020

Most virus damage to South Korea will be indirect

SOUTH KOREA: Most virus damage will be indirect

21 February 2020

New probe further politicises Israeli law enforcement

ISRAEL: New probe further politicises law enforcement

21 February 2020

New US ‘forever chemicals’ regulations coming

UNITED STATES: ‘Forever chemicals’ regulations coming

21 February 2020

Risk of Russia-Turkey clash in Syria may prompt pause

RUSSIA/TURKEY: Risk of Syria clash may prompt pause

21 February 2020

South Sudan’s new government faces uphill battle

SOUTH SUDAN: New government faces uphill battle

21 February 2020

Thai opposition will reconfigure itself quickly

THAILAND: Opposition will reconfigure itself quickly

21 February 2020

Trump’s peace plan is an existential threat to Jordan

Popular anger in Jordan over the settlements has increased since the publication of US President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan on January 28, which no…

21 February 2020

US Congress will challenge deterrence strategy

Trump and his immediate predecessors have made extensive use of powers granted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks to deploy armed force widely across the Middle East and…

21 February 2020

Washington will seek to bolster Riyadh against Tehran

SAUDI ARABIA/IRAN/US: Washington will bolster allies

21 February 2020

West African regional bloc faces transition challenges

Presidential elections in the other five (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Niger) are set for the fourth quarter. While ECOWAS touts its regional trade and…

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