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28 March 2023
The COVID-19 pandemic and energy revenues in 2021-22 allowed Algerian authorities effectively to weaken the Hirak movement -- the large-scale popular protests that…

28 March 2023
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League (AL) will be aiming to secure a fourth consecutive governing term. The BNP is leading rallies demanding that Hasina’s…

28 March 2023
He said that the China-mediated Iran-Saudi rapprochement announced on March 10 would play a major role in strengthening regional unity and cooperation. The deal caused…

28 March 2023
With three in four Cubans still casting a ballot, however, opposition calls for a boycott had limited effect. In Cuba’s one-party system, abstention is widely considered…

28 March 2023

CZECHIA/CHINA: Relations take downward turn

28 March 2023

EU: Member states are divided on nuclear energy

28 March 2023

FINLAND/NATO: Membership may come in April

28 March 2023

INTERNATIONAL: High food prices will linger into 2024

28 March 2023

IRAN: Tehran will limit attacks on US targets

28 March 2023

ISRAEL: Judicial reform reckoning is only postponed

28 March 2023

LEBANON: Sectarian elites will drive further crises

28 March 2023

PHILIPPINES: Merger would shake up banking sector

28 March 2023
Incumbents and incumbent parties fared well in most states, and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) won 15 states while the main opposition People’s Democratic…

28 March 2023

NORTH KOREA: New nuclear warheads accelerate arms race

28 March 2023

KENYA: Ruto will face pressure to resolve protests

28 March 2023
Biden and his host, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, worked hard to project positive bilateral relations, stressing their alignment on international issues. There was some…

28 March 2023

TUNISIA: Water scarcity will increase instability

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