Excellon automation introduces twin head drill system

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Article publication date: 1 June 2000




(2000), "Excellon automation introduces twin head drill system", Circuit World, Vol. 26 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/cw.2000.21726bad.011



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Excellon automation introduces twin head drill system

Keywords Excellon Automation, Drilling, Printed circuit boards

Excellon Automation have announced the release of the System 2000 "Dual Quad™", a first-of-a kind multi-station, twin head drill system for large board formats (27" x 36" (0.69 x 0.92m)).

The System 2000 Dual Quad is a whole new concept spawned out of the flagship Excellon System 2000 family of high speed precision drill systems.

The Dual Quad is a four-station machine with two drill heads per station that is designed for large board formats with step and repeat pattern drilling applications where production rates are 200 percent that of the standard single head station machine. Since each station allows each drill head to move independent of the other in the same station, even non-symmetrical drill programs show productivity improvements in excess of 50 percent.

The unique concept is further enhanced by the incorporation of Excellon's patented Dynamic Temperature and Accuracy Control System (DCS™) which insures high accuracy drilling on large panel multi-spindle machines in even the most demanding drilling applications in sub-optional environmental conditions.

Another feature on the System 2000 Dual Quad is the new "quick change" 600 Tool Management System (TMS-600) that allows tool cassettes to be replenished safely while the machine is in operation. This enhances tool management, machine uptime and operator utilization. With the dual head, each station now has 1,200 tools (4,800 in total with the ability to swap out cassettes holding 120 tools each) to keep pace with the high throughput offered by this dual head drilling approach.

Powerful options for this newest Excellon "First" in technology are Speed Feed™ autoload to increase uptime, and 170K RPM high speed spindles for high volume, high precision microdrilling applications. A user friendly and powerful Excellon CNC-7 controller provides ease of use for operators, along with comprehensive SPC information for drill room management.

For further information please contact: Michael T. McCraley. Tel: 310 534 6462; E-mail: http://www.excellon.com

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