Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Advanced Literacy Practices

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Publication date: 4 January 2013

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(2013), "Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation", Ortlieb, E. and Cheek, E.H. (Ed.) Advanced Literacy Practices (Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation, Vol. 2), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, p. iii.



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Advanced Literacy Practices
Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation
Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation
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A Historical View of Student Learning and Teacher Development in Reading Clinics
Creating a University-Based Literacy Center
Designing an Off-Campus Literacy Clinic
Coaching for Success: UCF Enrichment Programs in Literacy
Creating an Optimal Learning Environment for Struggling Readers
Vocabulary/Comprehension-Based Models of Reading Clinics
When Kids can’t Read, What a Focus on Fluency can do: The Reading Clinic Experience at Kent State University
Building Writing Communities and Partnering with Families: Multiple Perspectives from a Writing Practicum
Preparing Special Educators to Teach Reading: A Pre-Student Teaching Practicum
Transfer and Transformation of Knowledge and Practices from Literacy Clinic to Community
Preparing Preservice Teachers to Differentiate Instruction for Linguistically Diverse Students in Urban Classrooms
Taking Technology from Clinic to Classroom
Providing a “Pocket Tutor”: Enhancing Metacognition through Podcasted Comprehension Prompts
Innovative Practices in the Reading Clinic: Helping “Digital Natives” Incorporate 21st Century Technologies
Supporting Struggling Readers and Literacy Clinicians Through Reflective Video Pedagogy
The Gradual Increase of Responsibility Model: Mentoring for Improved Intervention
Peer Conferencing: Adding a Collaborative Component to Graduate and Undergraduate University Reading Clinics
Keeping Learners at the Center of Teaching
Innovative Practices: Developing Effective Collaboration and Partnerships within School-Based Reading Clinics