Sensor Review: Volume 24 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Breakthrough in Biometrics

Anna Kochan

One day seminar held in London by the IEE and the Association for Biometrics presented recent progress in the development and application of biometrics. Speakers told the…

Seminar report: sensor innovation and technology transfer event 2003

Robert W. Bogue

This review reports on a sensor technology transfer event, organised by the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

A vision of the future at TEAM

Brian Rooks

A report on the Total Engineering and Manufacturing (TEAM) exhibition held at the NEC, Birmingham with a focus on vision and optical systems for inspection and…

Sensing technologies bring new features to appliances

Rudi Lenzen

This paper discusses the properties of pressure and inertial sensors and their application to domestic appliances.

High fidelity, physics‐based sensor simulation for military and civil applications

Chris Blasband, Jim Bleak, Gus Schultz

As real‐time, high‐fidelity visual scene simulation has become ubiquitous in the training, modeling and simulation community, a growing need for more than “out‐the‐window”…

When are smart sensors smart? An example of an illumination‐adaptive image sensor

Vladimir Brajović, Takeo Kanade

When a sensor device is packaged together with a CPU, it is called a “smart sensor.” The sensors really become smart when the tight integration of sensing and processing…

A scalable, on‐board localisation and communication system for indoor multi‐robot experiments

Ian Kelly, Alcherio Martinoli

We describe the first prototypes of an inter‐robot infrared localisation and communication system. The system detects the relative positions (both range and bearing) of…

A review of gas sensors employed in electronic nose applications

K. Arshak, E. Moore, G.M. Lyons, J. Harris, S. Clifford

This paper reviews the range of sensors used in electronic nose (e‐nose) systems to date. It outlines the operating principles and fabrication methods of each sensor type…

Optical sensing of smoke using a polychromatic LED: combustion material identification using HLS analysis

R.A. Aspey, K.J. Brazier, J.W. Spencer

A multi wavelength optical sensing technique has been tested for monitoring a smoke or aerosol polydispersion so as to allow positive discrimination between types of…

Automated 3D model‐based free‐form object recognition

Ajmal Saeed Mian, Mohammed Bennamoun, Robyn Owens

In this paper, we review the process of “3D modeling” and “model‐based recognition” along with their potential industrial applications. We put a particular emphasis on the…

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