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Internet page

Keywords: Sensors, Smart sensors, Simulation

http://www.smartsensors.comSmart Sensors Inc.

Smart Sensors Inc., specialises in the design, production, sales, and application of thermocouples and RTDs. Their thermocouples are generally constructed using a metallic sheath and high purity mineral oxide insulation, providing a rugged and bendable design that exceeds the temperature rating of non-noble metal calibrations, while their RTDs are constructed using thin film technology. Smart RTDs are available in platinum, nickel and copper and with several different resistance to temperature coefficient curves. Their products include skin temperature sensors, miniature thermocouples and RTDs, and temperature transmitters and indications.

http://www.dvtsensors.comDVT Corporation

DVT Corporation aims to excel at product innovation, training and communications. They provide innovative hardware and software solutions based on off-the shelf components. The Series 600 SmartImage Sensor combines high-resolution imaging with Ethernet and fieldbus network communications.

This is a poor site that is very difficult to navigate. Advanced Study Institute (ASI)

The NATO ASI “Smart Sensors and MEMS” was a summer school for scientists and researchers working in the field of MEMS, smart sensors and transducers, held from 8 to 19 September 2003 in Portugal. It included lectures from selection of leading international experts, and aimed to provide in-depth knowledge about new and emerging applications of modern smart sensors. Applications and areas of interest include physical and (bio) chemical sensing principles, modern microsystem technologies and novel methods of signal processing and conversion.

This is an informative site that is well worth visiting.

http://www.cambertx.comCamber Corporation

Camber Corporation's Sensor Systems Division is based in Dallas, Texas, and currently designs and manufactures RF, IR, and EO sensor simulators, real-time visual applications interfaced to the latest image generators, and the environmental models/databases required to support them. Additionally, they design and manufacture custom PCI and VME video boards, and are specialists in radar simulation suitable for use on general purpose, multiprocessor computers.

This is an informative site that provides details of Camber's simulated radar systems, sensor simulators, and training systems.

This page contains an article written by Clive Maxfield within the equipment, training and support news Web site. It provides a clear view of how sensor simulation solutions have impacted development of training systems, and particularly those used for training military personnel.

http://www.multigen.comMultiGen-Paradigm, Inc.

MultiGen-Paradigm provides commercial simulation, military and space simulation, urban simulation, and 3D GIS simulation for leading corporations, government agencies, and universities across the world. This includes real- time 3D expertise, application focused training sessions designed to enhance productivity, direct assistance with database and runtime applications and customised turnkey visual solutions for military and commercial simulators.

http://www.aegistg.comAEgis Technologies Group Inc.

The AEgis Technologies Group provides innovative solutions to problems requiring specialised modelling and simulation knowledge. Their products include: training simulators, systems evaluation and engineering, simulation and software development, weapon systems analysis, electro-optic/infrared technology and systems, and photonics.

A well presented site.

http://www.bannerengineering.comBanner Engineering

Founded in 1966, Banner Engineering has grown to become a leading supplier of photoelectric sensors and ultrasonic proximity sensors to the US market. They produce a wide range of standard and custom designed photoelectric sensors and fibre optics, where fibres can be fabricated in the exact shape of the products that you need to detect.

Hot sites

http://www.sensorsportal.comInternational frequency Sensor Association

Founded in 1999, the International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) aims to provide a forum for academics, researchers and engineers from industry to present and discuss the latest developments and applications of smart sensors and transducers. Members share experience relevant to sensors technology, including industrial users of smart sensors, manufacturers of smart sensors, research and development institutions and technology transfer organisations.

This site is also the home of Sensors Web Portal Inc., the largest Internet recourse devoted to sensors, transducers and sensor instrumentation, providing product information, papers, articles and links.

Overall, this is an excellent site that is well worth visiting.

http://www.biomimetic.comBiomimetic Products, Inc.

Biomimetic Products, Inc. designs, manufactures and packages devices and systems, incorporating smart materials and technologies. Their product design philosophy is inspired by biological systems and recent advances in materials have provided highly efficient active materials that mimic biological actuation and sensing. Their actuators and sensors have been used for biomimetic propulsion, locomotion, robotics, materials handling, biomedical surgical and endoscopic devices, aeronautics, marine, defence and space industries. This includes shape memory alloys, magnetostrictive materials and artificial muscles, which are materials that show remarkable mechanical response to minute electrical stimulus. They also design and develop special electronic controls and power generation hardware and corresponding software to drive and integrate their smart materials into other systems.

Jon Rigelsford

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