Micron measurement with a difference

Sensor Review

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(2004), "Micron measurement with a difference", Sensor Review, Vol. 24 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/sr.2004.08724bad.006



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Micron measurement with a difference

Micron measurement with a difference

Keywords: Distance measurement, Sensors

The SICK OD Hi displacement sensor is a new breed of measurement device that provides the highest resolution for precise applications. Uniquely, it combines a measuring and switching sensor in one housing (Plate 6).

But this is not the only difference; the OD Hi features a CMOS receiver, which provides significant advantages over the traditional PSD type receiver used in competitive products. This enables it to give accurate measurement values on not only extremely shiny surfaces but also on dull, matt surfaces. For example, the measuring resolution of the OD Hi is as little as 2 mm at 34 mm or 10 mm at 140 mm (depending on the device chosen).

Plate 6 The SICK OD Hi displacement sensor

Setting up the device is easy, using the simple illuminated digital display built into the sensor, and no separate amplifiers or controllers are required. This allows the user to configure many of the options that are available in this unique sensor, including the in-built timers, one shot functions, hysteresis and switching output.

There is also a “Teach-in” option for quick and easy settings, such as switching the output to PNP or NPN. The OD Hi's display can be set to continuously display either an analogue value of 4-20 mA, a measurement in microns or just a digital value. The display can also be turned off to prevent operator intervention.

Mounting the device is quick and simple and the rugged metal housing is suitable for use in most industrial environments. The OD Hi is available with either a 2 m pre-wired cable or M12 eight-pin connector, which can be rotated to provide the user with a choice of connection options.

With the introduction of the OD Hi displacement sensor, SICK has provided machinery builders and OEMs with a compact and highly accurate measurement sensor. It provides an ideal solution when high resolution measuring is required in one, stand-alone housing.

For more information, visit the Web site: www.sick.co.uk

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