Circuit World: Volume 30 Issue 2


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Impedance modelling on multiple dielectric builds

Martyn Gaudion, J. Alan Staniforth

As printed circuit board (PCB) track geometries shrink, sometimes it becomes necessary to look deeper than the material data sheet when modelling electrical properties of…

Preventing whiskers in electrodeposited tin for semiconductor lead frame applications

Keith Whitlaw, André Egli, Mike Toben

A new pure tin process is described which produces a deposit with a crystal orientation combination that minimises whisker growth, particularly when used with a specific…

Aqueous base compatible waveguide materials for optical interconnect applications

Jim Shelnut, Matt Moynihan, Luke Little, Nick Pugliano, Bruno Sicard, Henry Zheng, Tuan Ho, Craig Allen, Garo Khanarian, Nathan Pawlowski

There are a number of organic, inorganic and hybrid inorganic waveguide materials that are currently being used for a wide variety of optical interconnect applications. Depending…

Alternative surface finishes – options and environmental considerations

Rod Kellner

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) requiring component attachment, whether leaded or surface mount technology, must have the exposed copper land areas coated with a protective finish…


Questions concerning the migration to lead‐free solder

Richard Ciocci, Michael Pecht

Eliminating lead in electronics is an environmentally considerate approach that is made prior to manufacture. Recently enacted legislation encourages increased recycling of…


End‐of‐life electronics legislation – an industry perspective

Martin Goosey

Increasing awareness of man's impact on the environment and pressure to behave in a more sustainable manner are encouraging both the recycling and reuse of materials and the…


Assessing lead‐free intellectual property

Paul Casey, Michael Pecht

This paper presents the analysis of information collected from numerous patent searches on lead‐free alloys. The significance of claim structure and content is discussed in view…

Reaching out? – an overview of the European Commission's proposed chemicals policy

Kate Geraghty

The European Commission (EC) has drafted a proposal for reforming the European Union's (EU) chemicals policy. The chemical industry has welcomed the broad political objectives of…

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