Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics

Circuit World

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Article publication date: 1 June 2004




(2004), "Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics", Circuit World, Vol. 30 No. 2.



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Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics

Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics

Joseph Fjelstad, Reza Ghaffarian and Young-Gon KimElectrochemical Publications

Keywords: Chip scale packaging

This is only the second book to deal exclusively with the issues associated with chip scale packages (CSP), which was the next logical progression from the successful introduction of ball grid array (BGA). John Lau authored another title which covered CSP in some detail (Plate 1).

Plate 1 The second book to deal exclusively with the issues associated with chip scale packages

I have known Joe Fjelstad for a number of years and look forward to meeting the other contributing authors based on the excellent content of this book. The content is very strong and very timely but it is a pity that the publisher takes so long to bring books to the marketplace. Good illustrations are one area I generally find that many textbooks lack. However, the latest textbook from Electrochemical Publications is brimmed full of good illustrations and excellent photography, perhaps this is why the release of textbooks of this quality takes time. Joe has obviously spent a fair bit of time on his PC drawing the graphics, well done.

There are 18 chapters and a total of 430 pages covering each aspect of CSP technology spanning componentry, design, assembly inspection and quality control. There is a good cross section of practical and theory, which makes it interesting for many different engineering disciplines.

It was very interesting to read the chapter on the birth of CSP by Young Gon Kim of Tessera who most would say were the technology innovators. It is interesting to read more and more of the innovative technology that has been used to produce the Tessera technology and the manufacturing challenges they faced. There are lots of subtle issues both in design and manufacture of the CSPs that frankly are now taken for granted.

When you step through each chapter you see many of the well known that gurus of our industry have also contributed to the text. The likes of Gilleo, Solberg, Vardaman and Ghaffarian are featured along with many component producers on developments of their package innovations.

EP has always had a great range of publications and I hope the sales of this CSP title does well after the success of Joe's excellent flexible circuit handbook. More titles and a quicker turn round must be the aim for the future.

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