Gore introduces new low loss microvia material

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Article publication date: 1 June 2004




(2004), "Gore introduces new low loss microvia material", Circuit World, Vol. 30 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/cw.2004.21730bad.002



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Gore introduces new low loss microvia material

Gore introduces new low loss microvia material

Keywords: Microvias, Printed circuit boards

W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc., a leading provider of PCB and packaging substrate materials, launches GORE™ 630 microvia dielectric, the lowest-loss microvia material affording the best cost/performance solution for high frequency microvia modules and PCBs. This high performance material consists of standard BT resin in a continuous toughening matrix.

GORE 630 microvia dielectric provides superior thickness uniformity for controlled impedance designs, CAF reliability, buried via filling capabilities, and excellent surface planarization for high-density applications. Its low dielectric constant (2.6) and loss tangent (0.004) are stable throughout a broad range of frequencies (1 MHz-40 GHz) and temperatures (-55 to +200°C). In addition, its low dielectric constant allows thinner dielectric layers, offering improved microvia aspect ratios and laser drilling throughput three times faster than glass prepregs. These attributes provide cost competitive solutions for high volume applications.

Manufactured in high volumes and supplied in either standard sheet sizes or rolls, the material offers electrical properties and thermo-mechanical reliability designed to meet both cost and performance requirements. Typical applications include WLAN, Bluetooth and power amplifier RF modules, MCMs, wireless transceivers, optical modules, and high-speed telecom and computing microvia PCBs.

W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. is a leader in providing high technology solutions for electronic, industrial, medical and fabric applications. Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Gore operates more than 45 facilities, has over a billion dollars in annual sales, and employs approximately 6,000 associates worldwide. Gore is well known for its unique corporate culture and is repeatedly named among the "100 Best Companies to Work for in America".

For more information, contact: W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. Tel: 800-445-4673 (USA), +1 302-292-5100 (international); Web site: www.gore.com/electronics

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