Circuit World: Volume 34 Issue 2


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Base material selection for reliable lead‐free processing

Bernd Hövel, Tom Verbrugge

To demonstrate a method of selecting base materials for lead‐free processing based on the kinetics of decomposition.

A solution for PCB drilling with strict requirement on hole wall quality

Lianyu Fu, Fan Yang

To provide a solution for PCB drilling with strict requirements on hole wall quality.

Hybrid modeling of woven fibre reinforced metal matrix composite for multilayer circuit boards

K.H. Low, Yuqi Wang

To present a method to model woven fibre reinforced metal matrix composite for multilayer circuit boards.


Integrated optical and electronic interconnect printed circuit board manufacturing

David R. Selviah, F. Aníbal Fernández, Ioannis Papakonstantinou, Kai Wang, Hadi Bagshiahi, Andy C. Walker, Aongus McCarthy, Himanshu Suyal, David A. Hutt, Paul P. Conway, John Chappell, Shefiu S. Zakariyah, Dave Milward

To introduce the Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre Flagship Project: Integrated Optical and Electronic Interconnect PCB Manufacturing, its objectives, its…

Environmentally friendly assembly of robust electronics without solder

Joseph Fjelstad

Tin‐lead solder has been the primary method for connecting electronic components to printed circuit boards since near the time of its inception. Over the last 60 years, solder has…


Assessment of blind via holes – an alternative approach

Bob Willis

To present a simple way of assessing blind vias, making failure analysis easier to perform and generating less controversy.

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