Assembly Automation: Volume 22 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Problems of scale

Gareth Monkman

Pin‐points three possibilities to do with micro‐actuators and micro assembly and discusses them in detail, using technical terms to enhance explanation. Concludes more…


Product miniaturization requires automation – but with a strategy

Charlie Duncheon

Discusses the business strategies and technologies required for the succesful implementation of automation, with particular emphasis on the assembly of miniature…


Trends in outsourced manufacturing – Reducing risk and maintaining flexibility when moving to an outsourced model

Nadjya Ghausi

Discusses present trends towards the outsourcing of manufacturing operations and the benefits that can arise. Cites examples in the computer, communications and graphic…


Robotic production assistants for working alongside the human operator

Anna Kochan

DaimlerChrysler's research laboratory in Berlin has developed an autonomous forklift truck for automating materials handling operations. The first prototype is now in…

A time of change for welding

Anna Kochan

Reviews the Essen Schweissen und Schneiden cutting and welding trade show, identifies mounting trend for electric servo guns to replace pneumatic welding guns, reports on…


Novarc brings spray‐formed tooling to market

Anna Kochan

Traditional methods for toolmaking are slow and expensive. A new approach involving innovative metal spraying technology can cut months off lead‐times. This paper…

Rapid tooling for casting prototypes

Brian Rooks

A seminar organised by the Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing Association (RPMA) held at the UK Castings Development Centre in Birmingham presented a series of case studies…


Aligning parts for micro assemblies

Mark Moll, Ken Goldberg, Michael A. Erdmann, Ron Fearing

Orienting parts that measure only a few micrometers in diameter introduces several challenges that need not be considered at the macro‐scale. First, there are several…

Low friction rotating devices using fluid assisted levitation

Mark Leonard, Resh Dhariwal

Describes the fabrication of MEMS micro bearings and the benefits that they provide. Uses the LIGA process with UV light and SU‐8 photoresist to create the structures. A…

A time‐triggered control network for industrial automation

Donal Heffernan, Gabriel Leen

The CAN (Controller Area Network) standard, ISO 11898, is now ubiquitous in industrial automation environments. CAN is used with defined application layers for…




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