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An examination of data on the Scottish diet

Mabel Blades

This research paper aims to briefly summarize data from the Taylor, Nelson Sofres studies on diet, compiled by Friary Marketing and Consulting Group and make some comparisons with…


Implications of low red meat consumption for iron status of young people in Britain

Sigrid Gibson, Margaret Ashwell

The purpose of this paper is to decide whether consumption of red and processed meat is associated with iron intakes and/or iron status among young people in Britain. Data from…

Weight and dieting behavior of college students in Cyprus

Lisa A. Kessler

The purpose of this study was to provide the first report of weight and dieting behaviour of college students in Cyprus. A cross‐sectional survey was administered to a convenience…


Influence of home economics on the nutrition knowledge and food skills of Mauritian school adolescents

B. Oogarah‐Pratap, R. Bholah, M. Cyparsade, K. Mathoor

In Mauritius, the school curriculum does not support the need to develop sound nutrition knowledge and food skills to combat the rising incidence of non‐communicable diseases…


Aflatoxins in Nigerian dry‐roasted groundnuts

S.A. Bankole, D.A. Eseigbe

Samples of dry‐roasted groundnuts purchased from street hawkers, markets and retail shops in southwestern Nigeria were analysed for moisture content, fungal populations and…


Storage studies of red palm oil fortified cookies

M.S. Butt, K. Sharif, N. Huma, T. Mukhtar, J. Rasool

Use of red palm oil fortified shortening was explored for combating vitamin A deficiency in Pakistan. Six types of cookies were prepared in which normal shortening was…


Nutrient dense mixes for enteral feeding in India

Arora Preetika, Ghugre Padmini, Udipi Shobha

The purpose of this paper is to develop easily reconstitutable nutrient dense mixes using natural food ingredients for enteral feeding, in developing countries. Three mixes were…

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