Edible films and coatings – new review from CCFRA

Nutrition & Food Science

ISSN: 0034-6659

Article publication date: 1 December 2004



(2004), "Edible films and coatings – new review from CCFRA", Nutrition & Food Science, Vol. 34 No. 6. https://doi.org/10.1108/nfs.2004.01734fab.009



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Edible films and coatings – new review from CCFRA

The opportunities afforded by edible films and coatings in food production, preservation, packaging and new product development are the subject of an extensive new review from CCFRA.

Edible films and coatings examines the main functions of edible films and coatings and describes their applications with products as diverse as meat, poultry and fish, cereals and nuts, bakery products and confectionery, fruit and vegetables, and dried and frozen products. Where appropriate it refers to examples of commercially available films and coatings, to ensure that it is of practical relevance and benefit to industry practitioners interested in adopting the technology. The review will be of value to anyone working with products where edible films have potential applications and particularly to technical personnel and product developers who wish to understand the current and potential applications of the technology.

Although some edible films have been around and in use for several years, the technology is now more widely used as the variety of available materials and their properties has broadened. Films and coatings can now be based on polysaccharides (e.g. cellulose, starches and gums), lipids (cocoa butter and waxes) or proteins (e.g. from milk, soya, cereals). As well as providing a physical barrier and protective coating, edible films can help retain moisture and restrict its movement, limit fat migration between layers, provide a barrier to oxygen, act as an adhesive, help to trap flavour and aroma, and carry and present antioxidants or antimicrobials.

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