Sensor Review: Volume 27 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

Table of contents - Special Issue: Level sensing and position measurement

Guest Editors: Dr Stphane Hol

Collision avoidance technology: from parking sensors to unmanned aircraft

Christine Connolly

To examine the sensors and techniques used in preventing the collision of moving vehicles.


Nanometrology: a critical discipline for the twenty‐first century

Robert Bogue

To illustrate the importance of nanometrology, the discipline of metrology at the nanoscale, and to describe the techniques involved.


Resonating gyroscopes: the next big challenge for MEMS technology

Robert Bogue

To describe the operation and historical development of MEMS gyroscopes and to consider their prospects in emerging high volume consumer markets.


Level sensing of liquids and solids – a review of the technologies

James A. Hunt

Examines the wide range of liquid and solid level sensors, their technologies and commercial application.


In‐line quality control of product coding from Cobalt IS

Christine Connolly

To show how the integration of standard sensors with software has produced a very powerful aid to food‐safety compliant product labelling in the production environment.

Machine vision inspection system for film

Wang Jin‐Jiang, Wang Zheng, Mo Xu‐Tao, Wang Peng, Liu Ming, Ren Li, Zhu Yue, Zhang Fang, Liu Wen‐Yao

Film is an important recording medium in industry. How to ensure film quality is a problem, because the film is produced in a dark room. Aims to focus on this.

Multi‐modality multi‐interface level sensor with segmented capacitance and inductance sensing elements

A.O. Hwili, W.Q. Yang

Crude oil separation is an important process in the oil industry. To make efficient use of the separators, it is important to know their internal behaviour, and to measure…

3D measurement sensor system for rough terrain mobile robots

Sho Yokota, Yasuhiro Ohyama, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Jin‐Hua She, Kuniaki Kawabata, Hisato Kobayashi, Pierre Blazevic

The purpose of this paper is to propose a sensor system and its measuring strategy. The proposed system is regarded as a total system of a robot and a sensor. It can make…

pH measurement of dirty water sources by ISFET: addressing practical problems

Vinod Kumar Khanna

To expose the gate of ion‐sensitive field‐effect transistor (ISFET) to filthy and muddy water, suspended algae, etc. investigate the influence of these conditions on…


iPOS: a fault‐tolerant and adaptive multi‐sensor positioning architecture with QoS guarantees

Jürgen Bohn

To describe the architecture of iPOS (short for iPAQ positioning system), a novel fault‐tolerant and adaptive self‐positioning system with quality‐of‐service (QoS…

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