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Article publication date: 3 July 2007


(2007), "Web sites", Sensor Review, Vol. 27 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/sr.2007.08727cag.001



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Web sites

Web sites


ThomasNet is a directory site where a huge amount of information exists, essentially advertising but in a useful format. It contains online catalogues, CAD drawings that allow industrial buyers, to find the exact product, service or supplier they need easily. The link www.thomasnet.com/products/position-sensors-73751109-1.html is an example of the positioning sensing results. There is an easy to use column divided into different American states that will refine the search by area. Once you have selected a company all their details are available for you to contact them or visit their web site for further information. Like all directory sites it might take a bit of wading through to find what you want but it is easy to use and specific to engineering rather than all the general results that will be found when using a general search engine. Specific web forums allow engineers to discuss their problems and queries with others. I am sure this will be of interest to Sensor Review readers.


Gill Sensors is a business unit of the highly successful Gill Research and Development Ltd Gill Sensors have employed patented induction technology and the novel use of capacitive theory to provide a range of standard and customised non-contact position, level and bulk sensor solutions. This is their web site and it details their range of sensors. Little “how it works” animations help give some background to the technology used in each type of sensor. This is a nice clean web site demonstrating the Gill range of products for level and position sensors.


This is the web site of a free magazine called Eureka, you can submit your details to receive free paper copies. The magazine delivers “informed, useful, objective reports on the latest engineering innovations, products and applications with original technical illustrations, making it a `must' for design engineers.” There are lots of things you'd expect from a busy magazine web site, lots of adverts, especially the moving ones can be distracting but once you have tuned them out then you can have a look at the contents. These include the latest industry news and comprehensive design shortlist detailing suppliers of design components from bearings and fasteners to software and materials. Editorial features and case studies by category in the Reference Library, while the latest manufacturing and engineering vacancies can be found in the jobs section. The search facility enables you to narrow down the amount of material to sift through and guide you directly to relevant information. Overall, this is a site worth visiting and having a look around.


SST Sensing are “experts in the field of Oxygen Sensing, Liquid Level Control and Position Measurement.” Their products include liquid level sensors, liquid level switch, oxygen sensors (zirconia oxygen sensor), speed and direction, cam and crank position, Current Sensing and Electro Mechanical Switches. Their web site contains details of their activities and products some have a pdf brochure available to download. This is a good web site for anyone wanting to purchase sensors.