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Article publication date: 3 July 2007


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Key: C=Conference, E=Exhibition, S=Seminar, W=Workshop


MCCSIS 2007: IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (C)3-8 JulyLisbon, Portugal

The IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2007) aims to address two main subjects: computer science and information systems. The multi conference has different conferences according to several themes.

Keywords e-Learning, Intelligent systems and agents, Wireless applications and computing, e-Society, Interfaces and human computer interaction, Data mining, Telecommunications, Networks and systems, Mobile learning, Computer graphics and visualization

Contact: E-mail: secretariat@mccsis.org; web sites: www.mccsis.org/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

RoboCup'07: RoboCup International Symposium9-10 JulyGeorgia, USA

The symposium represents the core meeting for the presentation and discussion of scientific contributions in diverse areas related to the three main threads within RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue and RoboCupJunior. Its scope encompasses, but is not restricted to, research and education activities within the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Keywords Multi-agent systems and multi-robot systems, Sensory processing and control, System integration and software engineering, Mobile robots and humanoids, Human- robot interaction, AI

Contact: Georgia Tech. Tel: +1 678 523 8685; E-mail: maria@cs.uga.edu; web sites: www.robocup-us.org/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

AIPR-07: 2007 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (C)9-12 JulyFlorida, USA

AIPR is an important event in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as pattern recognition (PR) and focuses on all areas of AI, PR related topics.

Keywords Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Pattern recognition

Contact: E-mail: jeedward@gmail.com; web sites: www.promoteresearch.org/2007/aipr/index.html and www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

FSR 07: 6th International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (C)9-12 JulyChamonix, France

The goal of FSR is to report and encourage the development of field and service robotics. These are non-factory robots, typically mobile, that must operate in complex, and dynamic environments. Typical field robotic applications include mining, agriculture, building and construction, forestry, cargo handling and so on.

Keywords Field robotics, Sensors, Navigation systems

Contact: INRIA. E-mail: fsr07@inrialpes.fr; web sites: www.inrialpes.fr/FSR07/index.html and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

CLAWAR2007: 10th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (C)16-18 JulySingapore, Singapore

The purpose of the 10th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines (CLAWAR2007) is to provide a venue where researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world can come together to present and discuss the latest achievements, future challenges and exciting applications for mobile machines in general, and climbing and walking robots in particular.

Keyword Mobile robotics

Contact: Nanyang Technological University. E-mail: clawar2007@ntu.edu.sg; web sites: www.clawar.org/clawar2007 and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

ISAM: IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing (Formerly ISATP) (C) (E)22-25 JulyMichigan, USA

The symposium aims at providing a forum for researchers and practitioners working on the diverse issues of assembly and manufacturing in various product sizes (nano to macro), production scales (workcell to global supply chain), and product life stages (product design to product retirement).

Keywords Macro, micro, and nano, CAD/CAM integration, Manufacturing processes and systems, Fixturing, grasping, and manipulation, Virtual assembly and prototyping

Contact: IEEE. Fax: +1 734 647 3170; E-mail: isam2007@umich.edu; web sites: http://me.engin.umich.edu/isam2007/ and www.ieee-ras.org/calendar/calendartec.php

ISCAS 2007: 11th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery (C)27-30 JulyBerlin, Germany

Keywords Medical computer applications, Surgery, and plastic/ reconstructive surgery, Image guided therapy, Surgical robotics and instrumentation, Surgical navigation, 3D modelling and rapid prototyping, Surgical education and training, Haptics and multimodal devices

Contact: E-mail: office@cars-int.org; web sites: www.cars-int.org and www.allconferences.com

ICMA 2007: 2007 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (C)5-8 AugustHeilongjiang, China

The objective of ICMA 2007 is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of mechatronics, robotics, automation and sensors to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields.

Keywords Intelligent mechatronics, Robotics, Biomimetics, Automation, Control systems, Teleoperation, Telerobotics, Haptics, Teleoperated semi-autonomous systems, Micro and nano systems, Sensor design, Multi- sensor data fusion algorithms, Wireless sensor networks, AI, Intelligent control, Neuro-control, Fuzzy control

Contact: Kagawa University. Tel: +81 878 642 333; Fax: +81 878 642 369; E-mail: guo@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp; web sites: www.ieee-icma.org/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

ICAR'07 The International Conference on Advanced Robotics (C)21-24 AugustJeju Island, Korea

ICAR 2007 continues to follow the rich tradition of ICAR with the following conference theme: “Viable Robotic Service to Human.” While ICAR 2007 covers a broader scope of robotics and automation, the theme represents the emphasis of the conference to capture the emerging significance of robotics technologies and applications for professional and personal services to human.

Keywords Human-centered robotics, Sensor based robotic manipulation, Multiple cooperative robots, Simulation and virtual reality for robotics, Medical robotics, Micro and nano robots

Contact: KROS. Tel: +82 271 732 80; Fax: +82 270 648 79; E-mail: info@icar2007.org; web sites: www.icar2007.org/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

RO-MAN'07: The 16th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication26-29 AugustJeju Island, Korea

This symposium addresses fundamental issues of co-existence of human and intelligent machines such as robots and recent advancements of technological as well as psychological researches on every aspect of interactive communication and collaboration between robots and humans. Interactive communication and collaboration in human/robots as well as human/robot/ humans will be crucial issues to enrich our human welfare and happiness in networked society.

Contact: Genicom Co. Ltd Tel: +82 424 727 463; Fax: +82 424 727 459; E-mail: roman@ro-man2007.org; web sites: www.ro-man2007.org/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

MMAR 2007: 13th IEEE IFAC International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics (C)27-30 AugustSzczecin, Poland

The conference will be a good opportunity for highlighting the new results and directions of automatic control theory, technology and applications. As such, it mainly will concentrate on the following key points: emphasis on invited lectures including plenaries; industry participation promotion; attracting young people to study and work in the field.

Keywords Control engineering, Robotics, Modeling, computing and simulation, Integration in manufacturing, Artificial intelligence, Networks

Contact: Szczecin University of Technology. Tel: +48 914 494 153; Fax: +48 914 494 153; E-mail: mmar@ps.pl; web site: www.mmar.ps.pl/

RA 2007: The 13th IASTED International Conference on Robotics and Applications (C)29-31 AugustWürzburg, Germany

This conference will be an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the advances in robotics and the broad range of its applications. Specific emphasis will also be placed on telerobotics, which receives increasing attention due to the tremendous progress in telecommunication and data processing technologies.

Keywords Telerobotics and telematics, Robotics, Applications, Computer vision, Sensing

Contact: Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg. Tel: +49 931 888 6647; Fax: +49 931 888 6679; E-mail: ra07@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de; web site:www.iasted.org/conferences/home-563.html and www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

AIM 2007: 2007 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (C)4-7 SeptemberNeuchatel, Switzerland

Advanced intelligent mechatronics

Contact: web sites: http://aim2007.epfl.ch and www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

AMS Automan Global Conference 2007 (C)13-14 SeptemberDearbourn, USA

Global automotive manufacturing and engineering congress for senior executives, debating the future direction of the automotive industry.

Keywords Industrial, Manufacturing, Robotics

Contact: Ultima Media. Tel: +44 146 249 0609; Fax: +44 146 289 2904; E-mail: registrations@ultimamedia.org; web sites: www.amsconferences.com/global/ and www.eventseye.com/

SICE 2007: International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Information Technology (C)17-20 SeptemberKagawa, Japan

The conference covers a wide range of fields from measurement and control to system analysis and design, from theory to application and from software to hardware. Newly developed interdisciplinary ideas and concepts transferable from one field to another are especially welcome.

Keywords Sensors and transducers, measurement, Computer aided design, Intelligent control, Neural networks, Mechatronics systems, Robotic Systems, Human interfaces, Virtual reality, Automation, Micro and nano devices

Contact: Kagawa University. Tel: +81 878 642 328; Fax: +81 878 642 460; E-mail: sice2007@eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp; web site: www.sice.or.jp/~sice2007/

ECMR 2007: European Conference on Mobile Robots (C)19-21 SeptemberFreiburg, Germany

The primary aim of ECMR is to establish a biannual European forum, internationally open, allowing researchers through Europe to become acquainted with the latest accomplishments and innovations in advanced mobile robotics and mobile human-robot systems.

Keywords Multi-sensor fusion, Navigation, Active perception, Behaviour and appearance-based robotics, Path and task planning, Multi-robot systems, Learning and adaptation, Vision-based navigation, Multimodal human-robot interaction

Contact: University of Freiburg/ Autonomous Intelligent Systems. Tel: +49 761 203 8026; Fax: +49 761 203 8007; E-mail: burgard@informatik.uni-freiburg.de; web sites: http://ecmr07.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/ and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

CASE 2007: IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (C)22-25 SeptemberArizona, USA

This conference provides a forum for researchers, academicians, and industry practitioners to discuss, provide broad coverage, and disseminate foundational research on automation.

Keywords Human-robot interaction and coordination, Multi-sensor fusion and integration, Nano-scale automation and assembly, System modeling, Analysis, and performance evaluation, Virtual reality in robotics and automation

Contact: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. E-mail: dmeldrum@asu.edu; web site: www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

International Robots and Vision Show and Conference (C)2-4 OctoberIllinois, USA

This event is co-located with the Assembly Technology Expo.

Contact: Robotic Industries Association. Tel: +1 734 994 6088; Fax: +1 734 994 3338; E-mail: jburnstein@robotics.org; web site: www.roboticsonline.com/public/calendar/

SMC'07 2007 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics7-10 OctoberQuebec, Canada

The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2007) provides an international forum that brings together those actively involved in areas of interest to the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, to report on up-to- the-minute innovations and developments, to summarize the state of-the-art, and to exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems engineering, human machine interface, and emerging cybernetics.

Keywords Autonomous systems, Manufacturing systems, Petri nets, Smart sensor networks, Human machine interaction, Robotic systems, Fuzzy logic, Intelligent information systems, Machine learning

Contact: Eidos Global.E-mail: praman@eidosglobal.com; web sites: www.smc2007.org/index.html and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

PA 2007: Automation from Sensor to Web (E)9-11 OctoberLillestrom, Norway

Exhibition of sensors

Keywords Industrial, Manufacturing, Sensors, Robotics

Contact: Norges Varemesse. Tel: +47 669 391 00; Fax: +47 669 391 01; E-mail: post@pa-messen.no; web sites: www.pa-messen.no/ and www.eventseye.com/

Scanautomatic 2007 (C) (E)9-12 OctoberGoteborg, Sweden

Industrial controllers, and automation exhibition

Keywords Automation, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Transmissions, Measuring, Electronics, Industrial computer technology, Robotics, Materials handling

Contact: Svenska Massan. Tel: +46 317 088 000; Fax: +46 311 603 30; E-mail: scanauto@swefair.se;web sites: www.swefair.se/scanautomatic/eng/ and www.eventseye.com

BVAI 2007: 2nd International Symposium on Brain, Vision and Artificial Intelligence (S)10-12 OctoberNaples, Italy

Keywords Pattern recognition, Computer vision, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Human computer interaction

Contact: Fax: +39 081 867 5158; E-mail: bvai2007@bvai.cib.na.cnr.it; web sites: http://bvai.cib.na.cnr.it/BVAI2007 and www.allconferences.com

ROBOCOMM'07 The 1st International Conference on Robot Communication and Coordination (C)15-17 OctoberAthens, Greece

ROBOCOMM is the First International Conference on Networked Robots. As the name suggests, it aims at the convergence of two fields, acting as a common forum for the Robotics and Communications research communities. The expected outcome of the event is to promote cross-pollination of these two areas leading to growth in the capabilities of both.

Keywords Mobile robots, Sensing and control, Information processing

Contact: E-mail: zsuzsi.k@icst.org; web sites: www.robocomm.org/index.shtml and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

IROS: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (C)29 October-2 NovemberCalifornia, USA

The conference will highlight and discuss technologies concerning robots, sensor networks and micro/nano robotics

Keywords Evolutionary robotics, Biorobotics, Rehabilitation robotics, Distributed sensor networks, Humanoid robotics, Micro/nano robotics, Robot surgery, Autonomous vehicles, Underwater robots, Search and rescue robots, Entertainment robots

Contact: Tel: +1 919 515 7016; Fax: +1 919 515 7452; E-mail: egrant@ncsu.edu; web sites: www.crim.ncsu.edu/iros2007 and www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

MHS2007: International Symposium on Micro- NanoMechatronics and Human Science (C)11-14 NovemberNagoya, Japan

IEEE International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science(MHS) has been held from 1990 as the symposium on Micro Machine and Human Science, and organized by Nagoya University and The City of Nagoya.

Keywords Micromechatronics, Microrobotics, Microsensors and microactuators, Micromachining and microfabrication technology, Intelligent control, Human interface, Human science, Artificial life, Virtual reality

Contact: Nagoya University. Tel: +81 522 652 008; Fax: +81 522 652 044; E-mail: mhs2007@u-net.city.nagoya.jp; web site: www.mein.nagoya-u.ac.jp/mhs/

3rd Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (C)17-19 DecemberPune, India

The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and development activities in AI and related fields in India and the rest of the world. Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between AI researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in India and abroad. The conference will be held every two years to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in AI and related areas.

Keywords Adaptive systems, AI and creativity, Cognitive modeling, Computer vision, Fuzzy logic, Image processing, Intelligent networks and sensors, Knowledge-based systems, Machine learning, Multisource and multisensor data fusion, Pattern recognition, Remote sensing, Speech processing, Soft computing, AI applications

Contact: Saint Mary's University. Tel: +1 850 412 7350; Fax: +1 850 599 3221; E-mail: bhanu.prasad@famu.edu; web sites: www.iiconference.org/ and www.ifr.org/events/calendar.asp

IICAI-07: 3rd Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (C)17-19 DecemberPune, India

The scope of the conference includes all areas of AI and related technologies.

Keywords Intelligent systems, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Fuzzy logic, Image processing, Machine learning, Neural networks

Contact: Tel: +1 850 412 7350; Fax: +1 850 599 3221;E-mail: bhanu.praasd@famu.edu; web sites: www.iiconference.org and www.allconferences.com


EUROS 2008: European Robotics Symposium (C)12-15 MarchPrague, Czech Republic

EUROS was started in 2006 as a response to demands for a high quality scientific event to present the best research on robotics across applications and topics. The EURON annual meeting serves to bring the European Robotics community together, but it has primarily been a networking event to discuss community issues rather than a scientific event.

Keyword Advanced robotics

Contact: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Tel: +46 879 067 27; E-mail: jeanna@nada.kth.se; web sites: www.euron.org/activities/EUROS/index.html and www.science.uva.nl/research/ias/events/euron_calendar/list.html

ICRA2008: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (C)19-23 MayCalifornia, USA

Keywords Robotics, Automation

Contact: USC. E-mail: sschaal@usc.edu; web sites: www.icra2008.org/; www.ieee-ras.org/calendar/calendartec.php and www.allconferences.com