Executive Development: Volume 4 Issue 4


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Learning to manage‐Managing to learn: Part two

Roy Calvert

Discusses the process of change in an organisation via learning.Comments on developing and checking out the vision needed which leads toa strategic plan and the sorting out of a…


Customer‐focused career development

Paul Iles, Chris Mabey

States that career development programmes need to become morecustomer‐conscious, not only focusing on the needs of externalcustomers, but also allowing for participation by…


How to build a business network

John O. Burdett

Suggests that building a network of business contacts can helpachieve managerial success. Focuses on counterparts in otherorganisations, informal relations with customers and…


Learning to learn in a work situation

Jane MacArthur

Introduces Kolb′s learning cycle and the construction of a learningcontract within the work setting. Describes learning logs and learningfrom other people. Concludes that learning…


The distance learning MBA

Charles Ritchie

Introduces business education by distance learning. Discusses thehistorical background and emergence of distance learning. Describes aset of procedures used by Heriot‐Watt…


A balancing act

James Storan

Introduces necessary rules for balancing work and leisure time.Defines “playaholism” as leisure time that becomes asstressed as working. Suggests methods of balancing differing…


Developing senior management potential

Scott Kerr

Discusses the development of potential in middle managers.Describes the development of competence in key areas and creating themechanism for learning including action learning…


The advantages of Executive leasing

Martin Wood

Notes that a significant number of experienced senior executivesare making themselves available as leased executives. Discusses theleased executive′s role and provides two case…


BP Exploration and upward feedback

Joyce Willard, Andy Thomas

Explains how senior management determined to achieve a more openstyle in the workplace based on committed teams engaged in open andhonest communication to plan and achieve…


Holding up the polished mirror

Terry Vipan

Describes the power of role play. Provides a first person accountof a course at Cambridge Management Centre and its subsequent effect inthe workplace. Concludes that the course…


Taking the initiative

Malcom Jones

Describes a personal experience of the Management CharterInitiative and the Accreditation of Prior Learning course. Notes whatbenefits accrued, how difficult it was and the help…




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