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High‐performance substrate based on a highly filled thermoplastic polymer

Thomas Apeldorn, F. Wolff‐Fabris, V. Altstädt

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and present the properties of a new substrate material based on thermoplastic polymers (so‐called LuVo Board) for high‐frequency…

Initial studies into the use of ultrasound to reduce process temperatures and chemical usage in the PCB desmear process

Andrew J. Cobley, Lindsay Edgar, Martin Goosey, Rod Kellner, Timothy J. Mason

Previous studies have proven that, under optimised ultrasonic conditions, a range of materials used in electronic manufacturing can be sonochemically surface modified using benign…

Experimental study on drilling force in printed circuit board micro drilling process

Hongyan Shi, Fumin Song, Lianyu Fu

The purpose of this paper is to present a system for accurately measuring drilling force in the printed circuit board micro drilling process and to characterize the drilling force…

An innovation in horizontal processing

Peter Lymn, Ken Bishop

The purpose of this paper is to detail an innovative new equipment enhancement for use in the horizontal processing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Printable electronics: towards materials development and device fabrication

Rabindra N. Das, How T. Lin, John M. Lauffer, Voya R. Markovich

There has been increasing interest in the development of printable electronics to meet the growing demand for low‐cost, large‐area, miniaturized, flexible and lightweight devices…


Correction of FPC solder position error based on mutual information entropy

Jie‐xian Huang, Feng Ye, Zhi‐Jie Dong, Di Li

The purpose of this paper is to study the application of advanced computer image processing techniques for solving the problem of solder position error correction for flexible…

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