Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. Ltd invests once more in quality from Schmid

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Article publication date: 8 February 2011



(2011), "Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. Ltd invests once more in quality from Schmid", Circuit World, Vol. 37 No. 1.



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Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. Ltd invests once more in quality from Schmid

Article Type: Industry news From: Circuit World, Volume 37, Issue 1

In 2006, several wet processing systems (CombiLINE) from Schmid were set into operation by the joint-venture company Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. Ltd (DSG). Their positive experience with trouble-free processing was the decisive factor for the joint-venture company to continue their successful cooperation with Schmid.

Owing to the successful installation of the CombiLINE systems in 2006 at DSG and the necessity to increase plant capacity, capability and flexibility, the joint-venture company decided around mid-2010 to upgrade their Schmid wet-processing equipment with the Developing – Etching – Stripping and PremiumLINE (pre-cleaning) systems.

Wet-processing equipment from Schmid is available in two system variants. The PremiumLINE has been optimised for clean-room applications; however, it is still based on the CombiLINE design, which is distinguished by its modular, upgradeable process structure.

With the new PremiumLINE, DSG now has the facility to produce and process higher quality products, with the capability of flexible PCB thickness below 50 μm. Both DSG and Schmid have risen to the challenges of the market to produce technically demanding high-quality products.

About Somacis Graphic

In 2006, Somacis PCB industries joined forces with Graphic PLC in an equal joint-venture project to manufacture high-technology rigid and rigid flex PCBs. The 66,000 m2 production plant is located in Chashan, Dongguan City, South China. A total of €40 million have been invested in the project to date. Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co. Ltd also known as DSG, is well equipped with the latest advanced technology plant and equipment to produce any design of PCB required to the highest standard available.for more information, visit

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