About polar instruments

Circuit World

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Article publication date: 8 February 2011



(2011), "About polar instruments", Circuit World, Vol. 37 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/cw.2011.21737aab.012



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About polar instruments

Article Type: Appointments From: Circuit World, Volume 37, Issue 1

Polar Instruments design and manufacture tools to simplify and enhance the design, fabrication and testing of PCBs. Their innovative tools include the industry-standard Controlled Impedance Test System which provides the global PCB industry with an easy-to-use test system for high-speed digital and RF boards, as well as class-leading tools for fast and accurate design and testing of controlled impedance in PCBs. Polar also has tools for automated PCB layer stackup design and documentation. Polar Instruments was established in 1976 and now has operations in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. www.polarinstruments.com

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