Narrative Conceptions of Knowledge: Towards Understanding Teacher Attrition

ISBN: 978-1-78441-138-1

ISSN: 1479-3687

Publication date: 2 December 2014


(2014), "Acknowledgments", Narrative Conceptions of Knowledge: Towards Understanding Teacher Attrition (Advances in Research on Teaching, Vol. 23), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, p. ix.



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We are grateful to the six participants who so willingly shared their storied experiences with us. Spending time with them as they thoughtfully shared their stories and negotiated narrative accounts of their experiences made this book possible.

We are also grateful to Alberta Education, which funded the original research on which this book is based.

Without Kirstie Blackmore’s assistance on an ongoing basis throughout the research and the preparation of this book, we could not have worked across time zones and three different universities in two countries. We are also indebted to Jinny Menon who worked to try to make our sketches into a form that could be included in the figures in the book.

And finally we appreciate the daily reminders that our families, children, and grandchildren provide about why it is important to support and nurture the people who teach in classrooms. Thank you Maeve, Marianna, Everlee, Cove, Peter, and Katie!

Please note that all names and places throughout the book have been anonymized.

D. Jean Clandinin

Lee Schaefer

C. Aiden Downey