Microelectronics International: Volume 7 Issue 1


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Excimer Laser‐induced Etching of Semiconductors and Metals

J.‐L. Peyre, D. Rivière, C. Vannier, G. Villela

As the feature sizes of microelectronic and optoelectronic components continue to decrease, there has been increased interest in developing new techniques for etching the…

Application of Laser Technology in Drilling and Scribing Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic

M. Tudanca, R. Gonzalez, N. Ortega

The new Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic process combines the advantages of thick film standard and cofired ceramic technologies for the implementation of high…

Thin Film Hybrid Circuits on AIN Substrates

L.J. Bostelaar, D. Vander Auwera, F. Gys

The compatibility of available AIN substrate materials with thin film metallisation processes is briefly discussed. The AIN material is shown to be covered with a very…

The Use of Silver as an Alternative to Copper in the Fabrication of Reliable Thick‐film Hybrid Microcircuits Requiring High Conductivity Conductor Tracks

I.D.E. Videlo, R.R. Sutherland

It is proposed that reliable multilevel thick‐film conductor interconnect, having high track conductivity, can be fabricated with conventional air‐firing thick‐film…

Soft Guard—A Method of Trimming Resistors in Closed Loops

P. Lenk

The automatic laser trimming of resistors is highly developed, but some areas of application still allow improvements. The method described is a new development for…

A New Generation Multilayer System: Low Cost and High Reliability

T. Gilles, Q. Reynolds, J. Steinberg

The increasing complexity of hybrid circuits has led to a need for a reliable multilayer system. As well as reliability, the manufacturer will, of course, also attach…

Multichip Module Designs for High Performance Applications

C. Neugebauer, R.O. Carlson, R.A. Fillion, T.R. Haller

A package performance bottleneck is developing because of the inability to densely wire single chip modules together on the printed wiring board. An array processor…

High‐density Multichip Module by Chip‐on‐Wafer Technology

S. Kimijima, T. Miyagi, T. Sudo, O. Shimada

A high‐density module for image processing was developed by chip‐on‐wafer technology. A silicon wafer was used as the substrate and the LSI chips were flip‐chip bonded to…

Multichip Modules—The Hybrid for Wafer‐scale Integration

M.G. Sage

Existing IC packaging and interconnection is creating a barrier for advances taking place in IC technology. Wafer scale integration (WSI) is being proposed as the next…

Bell Telephone Manufacturing, Ghent, Belgium

B.C. Waterfield

This visit was made to complete an unfulfilled invitation from the General Manager, Mr Van Neste, offered to the writer several years ago. It was a pleasure to find the…

ISHM news

H. Binner, J. Lantairès, B.C. Waterfield, e dr, K.J. Williams

Dates: 29–31 May 1991 Venue: De Doelen Conference Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands The Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics will be…

Industry news

Centrotherm GmbH announce the appointment of Mr George Birnie to the position of Sales Manager (Centrotherm UK) for the United Kingdom and Scandinavia (see photograph below).

New products

Responding to the special needs of the European electronics industry, Intergraph has made significant changes to its hybrid design system. The resistor design tool set…

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