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Flip Chip Solder Bonding for Microelectronic Applications

D.J. Pedder

The relentless drive towards greater complexity and interconnection density on silicon integrated circuit (SIC) devices is leading to a reappraisal of techniques for…

Automotive Electronics: Where Are We Going?

R. Dell'Acqua, F. Forlani

The need for better performance, safety and comfort is the driving force behind the dramatic growth in car electronics. The key to success depends mainly on system…

Copper Ball/Wedge Bonding to Copper Thick Film

R.V. Winkle, S.R. Cater

This paper describes the first of a two part study of copper ball/wedge thermosonic wire bonding and concentrates on the second wedge bond to copper thick film. Results of…

Large Scale Interconnects for Aerospace Applications

G. Menozzi

This paper addresses three main technologies of large scale interconnects that have been evaluated at the Microelectronics Department of Crouzet Aerospace for chip and…

Advances in Flux Technology for the Soldering of Surface Mounted Devices

W. Rubin

Recent developments in synthetic resin based non‐corrosive fluxes for soft soldering have coincided with completion of the work of the international flux standard…

Thermal Analysis of Hybrid Circuits with Mounted Components

G. De Mey, L. Van Schoor

In this contribution a linear thermal model for hybrid circuits is presented. Both the heat dissipated in screen printed resistors and in mounted components such as…

Resistance to Soldering Heat and Thermal Characteristics of Plastic SMDs

C. Cognetti, E. Stroppolo, R. Tiziani

This paper addresses the themes of resistance to soldering heat and heat dissipation as aspects of reliability in relation to surface mounted devices soldered on a plastic…

A Review of Thin Film Resistors and Their Assembly Problems: Part 2

D. Mills

This paper has been presented in two parts. Part 1, after an introduction to thin film resistor technology, gave a review of thin films and other resistors, followed by…

Thermal and Electrical Characteristics of Thick Film Overcurrent Protector with Self‐recovery

Y. Sorimachi, I. Tsubata, S. Miyauchi

A thick film overcurrent protector with self‐recovery has been developed using carbon black graft polymer. Carbon black graft polymer, henceforth called CG, is a thick…

Semiconductor Seal Testing

T. Gillespie

Increasing awareness of the consequences of device failures has resulted in increased reliance on Environmental Testing as an additional means of enhancing the integrity…

Polymeric Copper Pastes for Additive Multilayer Circuits

A. Kabe, I. Morooka

The paper describes a newly developed economical method of fabricating multilayers by means of polymeric copper paste, chemical copper and dielectric paste. The parameters…

Water‐cooled Copper‐clad Invar Hybrid Power Circuit

C. Zardini, J.D. Pistre, F. Rodes, J.L. Aucouturier

Water cooling of hybrid modules allows a power dissipation much higher than that of conventional methods. This paper describes the design and construction of a copper‐clad…

ISHM news

R. Blancquaert, Bob Turnbull, G. Forster, Lorna Cullen, Boguslaw Herod, Steve Muckett, James Lawson

ISHM‐Benelux held its 1987 Autumn Conference on 29 October, at the Antwerp Crest Hotel. This one‐day meeting focused on applications of hybrid circuit technology in…

Industry news

David Tuffield, former UK marketing manager for Augat/Isotronics, has been appointed European marketing manager to head the company's plans to increase penetration into…

New products

Two die attach adhesive products, manufactured by Furane Products Co., claim to meet the military specification for epoxy electronic adhesives (MIL‐STD‐883C, Method 5011…

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