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Interconnection Technology for Advanced High Density Thick Films

M. Vrana, A. Van Calster, R. Vanden Berghe**, K. Allaert

Thick film screen printing technology is able to reach apitch of 250 μm. In an attempt to achieve lower values, two approaches have been developed so far. Both are based…


Fine‐line Passive Components for Hybrid Microelectronics

V. Kripesh, S.K. Bhatnagar, H. Osterwinter, W. Gust

A laser ablation technique has been used to fabricate conductor patterns on a 96%alumina substrate to evolve passive fine‐line components and structures. This paper…


Application of Taguchi Methods to the Production of Integrated Circuits

I.E. Klein

Taguchi methods were applied to theproduction of thin RF integrated circuits on alumina. The substrates had 20 via holes of 1 mm indiameter, which led to a perturbation to…


An Ultra High Density Technology for Microsystems

S. Larcombe, P. Ivey

This research demonstrates how a low‐cost three‐dimensional packaging technology can be ultilised to implement heterogeneous microsystems. Systems which integrate sensors…


Advances in Packaging and Assembly Polymers

K. Gilleo

The Packaging Revolution of the ’90s, powered by the perpetual drive for smaller‐faster‐cheaper products, is placing increasing demands on the electronic materials sector…


Packaging Reliability for High Temperature Electronics: A Materials Focus

F.P. McCluskey, L. Condra, T. Torri, J. Fink

An overview of the concerns involved in the operation of electronic hardware at elevated temperaturesis presented. Materials selection and package design issues are…


Synergistic Combinations of Thermally Conductive Fillers in Polymer Matrices

R. Cross

The use of thermally conductive adhesives tobond heat generating devices to heat sinks is an alternative production method for thermalmanagement. It is of interest to…


Spin Coating Study for Thick Layers with High Viscosity Polyimide

M. Borsetto, G. Carcano, M. Ceriani

Polyimide deposition of thick layers (50‐60 μm aftersoft‐bake) is very important in the field of microelectronics; in particular for fabrication of microwavecircuits for…

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