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Reliability of Surface Mount Electronics Assemblies Cleaned Using CFC‐113‐free Techniques

B.N. Ellis

This paper summarises briefly all the substitutive techniques for CFC‐113 and 1,1,1 ‐trichloroethane blend cleaning, including the use of ‘no‐clean’ and controlled atmosphere…


High Performance Materials for PCBs

M. Cygon

High demands are placed on base materials for present‐day printed circuits. The requirements for multilayer materials are examined including satisfying criteria regarding low…

No‐clean and Solvent‐clean Mass Reflow Processes of 0.4 mm Pitch, 256‐Pin Fine Pitch Quad Flat Packs (QFPs)

J. Lau, R. Govila, C. Larner, Y.‐H. Pao, S. Erasmus, S. Dolot, M. Jalilian, M. Lancaster

Solvent‐clean and no‐clean mass reflow processes of 0.4 mm pitch, 28 mm body size, 256‐pin fine pitch quad flat packs (QFPs) are presented. Emphasis is placed on fine pitch…

A Study of the Effect of Ultrasonic Cleaning on Component Quality — Hybrid Devices

B.P. Richards, P.K. Footner, P. Burton

The effect of ultrasonic agitation on hybrid devices during PCB cleaning has long been suspected as leading to device malfunction. However, little or no data exist to substantiate…

‘The Purple of Cassius’ : A Recurrent Gold Finger, Tab‐plating Problem

K. Minten, J. Messer

Over the past 20 years there has been a recurrent problem of a purple‐bluish stain appearing on the laminate materials of finished printed circuit boards between the gold‐plated…

Acid Copper Plating High Aspect Ratio Multilayer Circuit Boards

W.A. Fairweather

The throwing power of the acid copper plating process is affected by solution composition, organic additives, plating conditions and bath geometry. Recommendations for optimising…

An Evaluation of Via Hole Tenting with Solder Mask Designed to Pass MIL‐P‐55110D Thermal Shock Requirements

J.J. Davignon, F. Gray

The tenting of via holes has been a controversial issue in the military arena for several years. This issue has gained importance with MIL‐STD‐2000's requirement that all…

Immersion, Non‐electrolytic Tin/lead Plating Process

E.C. Couble, O.B. Dutkewych, S.M. Florio, M.V. Marsh, R.F. Staniunas

The technological development and characteristics of an innovative process and composition for immersion plating and fusing of a solderable tin/lead deposit over copper are…

International Institute News

The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) has announced the release of EIA‐364–71, Solder Wicking Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors/ Sockets (Wave Solder Technique)…

Industry News

A former long‐serving Schloetter employee, Mr Brian Hitchin, who left the company in 1986, has now been reappointed as a Technical Sales Representative by Schloetter Co. Ltd. He…

New Products

AMI (Affiliated Manufacturers, Inc.) have introduced a manual vision system for alignment of printed circuit boards to screens or stencils on semi‐automatic screen printers. The…

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