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Circuit Board Thermal Design or How to Succeed at the Impossible

D.J. Dean

This paper explains why the data with which thermal designers have to work is uncertain and incomplete. It then describes how accepting this uncertainty unlocks the shackles of…

Advanced Multilayer Bonding Technology

M. Huschka

Continuously increasing requirements drive multilayer manufacturers to search for advanced manufacturing technologies and to evaluate new materials. This paper provides an insight…

Polymer Thick Film Technology in Telecommunication Applications

J. Cavero, A. Rodriguez

This paper concisely describes polymer thick film technology used with printed circuit boards as an interesting means of achieving time and cost reduction. Telephone keypads and…

Correlation of Chemical Microstructure with Solderability of PCBs

J.L. Marshall, D.E. Miiller, J. Sees, S.E. Matteson, D. Weathers, L. Lichtenberg

A combination of analytical methods was used on printed circuit board coupons to conclude the following: (1) while steam ageing deteriorates solderability of tinned coupons, it…

Interconnection Techniques for GaAs Packaging

T.J. Buck

In the never‐ending quest for speed, designers are now turning to digital GaAs integrated circuits both to extend the bandwidth of current designs and in some cases to generate a…

After CFCs: Making the Economic and Technical Choice

C. Lea

The options for eliminating CFC‐113 as a solvent for cleaning flux residues from soldered circuit assemblies, or minimising the need to clean, are now clear: diluted CFC solvent…

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