Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 12 Issue 2


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Planning the Japanese Way in the United States

Arthur J. Gemmell

The chief strategist for the U.S. division of an $18 billion multinational—Fujitsu Limited—integrates Japanese planning priorities in a domestic market.

The Dutch Go Back to School for R&D

Jan Vleggaar

Akzo NV is the fourth‐largest company in the Netherlands and a significant force in the chemical industry. Its alliance with twelve U.S. colleges helps to ensure a stream of new…

Competing With Technology in the World Arena

Tamara J. Erickson

Companies manage R&D in a number of ways: globally, multinationally, internationally, or transnationally. Each represents a different strategic approach to meet the bases of…

Time to Structure an Environmental Policy Strategy

David T. Buzzelli

In the “Decade of the Environment,” companies must excel in environmental performance. How well that performance is received by the public, by regulators, and by environmentalists…

A Guide to Global Sourcing

Mark L. Fagan

A growing number of companies are purchasing materials and services from a worldwide arena to obtain the right product at the right price at the right time. Here's how to capture…


Strategies for Merger Success

Elizabeth A. Gall

The key to successful mergers lies not only in careful attention to organizational structure and strategy, but in human resource programs and internal communications as well.

The Japanese Art of Managing Diversity

Milton Leontiades

Japanese corporations are about the only ones that have demonstrated the ability to move quickly into emerging new industries and out of declining industries.

The Shape of Twenty‐first Century Global Manufacturing

Joel D. Goldhar, David Lei

Time is a resource that all companies have. Using it to compete in the global market is now an essential strategy.

New Marketing Mix Stresses Service

David A. Collier

The seven Ps of service management include some nontraditional ingredients to help formulate marketing strategy. Two examples illustrate how competitive advantage can be won or…


The End of Centralized Power

David A. Heenan

Power is getting a dirty name, or at least a different one. Bookstores are crowded with various exposes hyping the disintegrating, fragmenting, upheaving, exploding, or breaking…

How to Develop an Information Technology Strategy

G. Michael Ashmore

There can be no doubt that information technology (IT) has emerged as a major force in determining success or failure in the business world. Even if one sets aside for the moment…

Techniques for Making People More Productive

Eugene F. Finkin

Too often, managers responsible for the economic decline of a division claim that the division's problem is obsolete equipment, which can only be remedied by substantial new…

Why CEOs Have Difficulty Implementing Their Strategies

Michel M. Robert

Over the course of the last few years, one has frequently heard the statement: “It's easy to develop a strategy, it's the implementation that's difficult.” This article discusses…

Idea Forum:: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

A major earthquake can harm a business in more ways than one. Besides the obvious dangers to life, premises, and equipment, the subsequent disruption of business could put an…

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