Sensor Review: Volume 23 Issue 2


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Implementing wireless communications

Jim O'Callaghan

Engineers across many disciplines are becoming interested in wireless communication, however the plethora of standards, frequencies and technologies can lead to…

Radar is set to revolutionise road safety

Anna Kochan

Solutions for using radar to alert drivers to obstacles in their path and possible collision already exist but they are too expensive. In most cases, only the more luxury…

Wireless – introducing wireless proximity switches

Christoffer Apneseth, Dacfey Dzung, Snorre Kjesbu, Guntram Scheible, Wolfgang Zimmermann

Sensors and actuators are found in large numbers on every production line in every industry. And each and every one of them requires data and power cabling. Not only are…

Vision systems feature at TEAM

Brian Rooks

A report on the vision systems featured at the new TEAM exhibition. The products and applications of three companies are highlighted. Two exhibitors have contrasting…

Wireless capsule endoscopy

Arkady Glukhovsky

With the introduction of the flexible fiber optic endoscope in 1950s visualization of the esophagus, stomach, upper small bowel and colon became possible. The flexible…

A new low‐cost high‐performance quartz tuning‐fork temperature sensor

He Jin, Chen Zhaoyang, Lin Jiang, Dai Jingmin

This paper describes a new method designed for a quartz tuning‐fork temperature sensor. This sensor is designed with a new cut ZYtw(115°/15°) and it is shown that this…

Generation of frequency output for instrumentation applications using digital hardware

Mayela Zamora, Manus Henry, Christian Peter

The use of frequency output for measurement transmission remains common in the design of smart transmitters. Conventional methods of frequency generation, based on…

Miniature mass spectrometry: implications for monitoring of gas discharges

S. Taylor, J.R. Gibson, B. Srigengan

In the last 10 years there has been an increasing trend towards miniaturisation in mass spectrometry. Miniature versions of magnetic sector, time of flight (TOF) and…

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