Sensor Review: Volume 20 Issue 3


The international journal of sensing for industry

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Electrical impedance tomographic sensor systems

K. Primrose, C. Qiu

This paper reviews aspects of the current status of process sensing using electrical impedance process tomography. This new sensor technology offers a unique insight into…

Implementing non‐contact digitisation techniques within the mechanical design process

Jim Clark

The introduction of time compression technologies into the modern mechanical design process is now well established. Most major automotive and aerospace companies have…

Conoscopic 3D measurement system

Tobias Weber

Describes the conoscopic laser sensor, three axis scanning system and software required to reverse engineer a complex 3D surface and produce code for a CNC milling machine.

A laser alignment system for boat assembly

Zhenwei Su, H. Rowlands

Based on the investigation of large length measurement and alignment techniques in 3D construction, a laser diode alignment system for boat assembly is presented. In the…

Seeing distances – a fast time‐of‐flight 3D camera

Robert Lange, Peter Seitz

The world’s first time‐of‐flight (TOF) 3D range camera without moving parts, based on a custom solid‐state imaging device is described in this article. With the single…

Human body 3D imaging by speckle texture projection photogrammetry

J. Paul Siebert, Stephen J. Marshall

Describes a non‐contact optical sensing technology called C3D that is based on speckle texture projection photogrammetry. C3D has been applied to capturing all‐round 3D…

Low cost ultrasonic sensors for tele‐operated vehicles

Ian Stott, David Sanders, Giles Tewkesbury

Describes a new reliable low‐cost ultrasonic ranging system to assist in steering a powered wheelchair. Detection algorithms have been created and implemented on a micro…

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