Consumer Culture Theory

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(2019), "Prelims", Bajde, D., Kjeldgaard, D. and Belk, R.W. (Ed.) Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior, Vol. 20), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-xi.



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Consumer Culture Theory

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Research in Consumer Behavior

Series Editor: Russell W. Belk

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Research in Consumer Behavior Volume 20

Consumer Culture Theory

Edited By

Domen Bajde

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Dannie Kjeldgaard

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Russell W. Belk

York University, Canada

United Kingdom – North America – Japan India – Malaysia – China

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List of Contributors vii
List of Figures ix
List of Tables xi
Introduction Consumer Culture Fairy Tales
Domen Bajde, Dannie Kjeldgaard and Russell W. Belk
Part I Objects and Their Doings
Chapter 1 Love and Locks: Consumers Making Pilgrimages and Performing Love Rituals
Stéphane Borraz
Chapter 2 The Life and Death of Anthony Barbie: A Consumer Culture Tale of Lovers, Butlers, and Crashers
Luciana Walther
Chapter 3 “When Your Dog Matches Your Decor”: Object Agency of Living and Non-living Entities in Home Assemblage
Henna Syrjälä and Anu Norrgrann
Chapter 4 “I’m Only a Guardian of these Objects”: Vintage Traders, Curatorial Consumption and the Meaning(s) of Objects
Omar Khaled Abdelrahman, Emma Banister and Daniel Hampson
Part II Glocalization
Chapter 5 Story of Cool: Journey from the West to Emerging Arab Countries
Hela Zouaoui and Fatma Smaoui
Chapter 6 Ethnic Identification: Capital and Distinction among Second-generation British Indians
Anuja Pradhan, Hayley Cocker and Margaret K. Hogg
Chapter 7 Cognitive Polyphasia, Cultural Legitimacy and Behavior Change: The Case of the Illicit Alcohol Market in Kenya
Virginia N. Mwangi, Hayley L. Cocker and Maria G. Piacentini
Part III Constituting Markets
Chapter 8 Magic Towns: Creating the Consumer Fetish in Market Research Test Sites
Stefan Schwarzkopf
Chapter 9 Humanizing Market Relationships:The DIY Extended Family
Lydia Ottlewski, Johanna F. Gollnhofer and John W. Schouten
Chapter 10 Patriotism as Creative (Counter-)Conduct of Russian Fashion Designers
Olga Gurova
Chapter 11 Culinary Communication Practices: The Role of Retail Spaces in Producing Field-specific Cultural Capital
Cristina Galalae, Julie Emontspool and Omid Omidvar
Part IV Quoth the Raven
Chapter 12 Duck, it’s a Raven! Writing Stirring Stories with Andersen’s Sinister Shadow
Stephen Brown
Index 197

List of Contributors

Omar Khaled Abdelrahman University of Manchester, UK
Domen Bajde University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Emma Banister University of Manchester, UK
Russell W. Belk Schulich School of Business, York University, UK
Stéphane Borraz EDC Paris Business School, France
Stephen Brown Ulster University, Northern Ireland
Hayley L. Cocker Lancaster University, UK
Julie Emontspool University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Cristina Galalae Coventry University, UK
Johanna F. Gollnhofer University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Olga Gurova Aalborg University, Denmark
Daniel Hampson University of Manchester, UK
Margaret K. Hogg Lancaster University, UK
Dannie Kjeldgaard University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Virginia N. Mwangi Lancaster University, UK
Anu Norrgrann Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Omid Omidvar Aston University, UK
Lydia Ottlewski University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Maria G. Piacentini Lancaster University, UK
Anuja Pradhan Lancaster University, UK
John W. Schouten Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Stefan Schwarzkopf Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Fatma Smaoui University of Tunis, Tunisia
Henna Syrjälä University of Vaasa, Finland
Luciana Walther Federal University of Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil
Hela Zouaoui University of Tunis, Tunisia

List of Figures

Chapter 3 Fig. 1. The Agency of Non-human and Human, Living and Non-living Entities. 43
Fig. 2. Distributed and Shared Agency in Relations Between Human, Animal, and Material Object. 46
Chapter 4 Fig. 1. One of Jamie’s Scientific Instruments: A Portable Potentiometer with Instructions for its “Use and Care.” 67
Chapter 5 Fig. 1. Five Shades of Cool: Spectrum of Meanings of Coolness. 78
Fig. 2. Semiotic Square of Cool. 80
Chapter 7 Fig. 1. Process Theorization of Changing Perceptions. 112

List of Tables

Chapter 1 Table 1. Face-to-Face Interviews. 11
Table 2. The Three Sequences of the Love Lock Ritual. 14
Chapter 3 Table 1. Data Sets of the Research. 44
Chapter 5 Table 1. Meanings of Cool and its Opposites. 80
Chapter 6 Table 1. Informants’ Demographic Profiles. 91
Chapter 7 Table 1. Summary of Data Sources. 109
Chapter 11 Table 1. Market Practices and Forms of Culinary Capital Exchanged at Food Festivals. 175