Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Coca‐Cola brand protection before World War II – it's the real thing!

Ross D. Petty

This paper aims to discuss the early brand protection efforts of Coca‐Cola.


The birth of modern packaging: Cartons, cans and bottles

Diana Twede

During a short two‐decade period (1879‐1903) processes for making food packages – paperboard cartons, tinplate cans and glass bottles – were mechanized by American…


Upholding whose values? Australia's advertising standards bodies, 1974‐2009

Robert Crawford, Ruth Spence‐Stone

This paper seeks to develop a clearer understanding of the operations and decisions made by Australian advertising standards bodies, the Advertising Standards Council and its…

The greatest showman on earth: Is Simon Cowell P.T. Barnum reborn?

Stephen Brown, Christopher Hackley

Simon Cowell, the impresario behind The X Factor, a popular television talent show, has often been compared to P.T. Barnum, the legendary nineteenth century showman. This paper…

What do I have to do to get noticed around here?: A comment on Brown and Hackley (2012): “The greatest showman on earth: is Simon Cowell P.T. Barnum reborn?”

Alan J. Richardson

This paper aims to explore some of the strategies and issues associated with writing historical research to meet the demand for social “relevance” and to appeal, and be accessible…


Interpreting Brown and Hackley (2012): From the history to the histories of marketing theory and practice

Mark Tadajewski

This paper aims to use Brown and Hackley's contribution to the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing as a springboard for further discussion. It seeks to argue that we can…


There's a scholar born every minute: This way to the eejit

Stephen Brown

In “There's a scholar born every minute”, the author aims to explain the background to Brown and Hackley's co‐authored paper, “The greatest showman on earth”, and respond to the…

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