Circuit World: Volume 41 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: IMAPS-CPMT 2014 Poland

Guest Editors: Dr Agata Skwarek

Copper deposition on screen printed electrical paths for solar cell application

Kazimierz Drabczyk, Robert P. Socha, Agata Skwarek

The aim of this paper is to present results of investigations carried out on the front electrode of solar cells. Nowadays, most worldwide solar cell production is dominated by…

Carbon nanomaterials dedicated to heating systems

Grzegorz Wroblewski, Konrad Kielbasinski, Barbara Swatowska, Janusz Jaglarz, Konstanty Marszalek, Tomasz Stapinski, Malgorzata Jakubowska

The paper aims to present the research results related to transparent heating elements made from carbon nanomaterials. Heating elements were fabricated only with cost-effective…

Influence of electric field on separation and orientation of carbon nanotubes in spray coated layers

Grzegorz Wroblewski, Marcin Słoma, Daniel Janczak, Malgorzata Jakubowska

The aims of this paper are to investigate the influence of direct current (DC) electric field on separation and orientation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in spray-coated layers and…

Graphene electrodes for voltammetric measurements in biological fluids

Andrzej Peplowski, Daniel Janczak, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Marcin Słoma, Łukasz Górski, Elżbieta Malinowska, Tadeusz Pałko, Małgorzata Jakubowska

– The aim of this paper was to verify applicability of graphene-based sensors for voltammetric and amperometric measurements of low-concentration compounds in biological fluids.

Electrical properties of thin-film resistors in a wide temperature range

Paweł Winiarski, Adam Kłossowicz, Jacek Wróblewski, Andrzej Dziedzic, Wojciech Stęplewski

The purpose of this paper is to characterize electrical properties of nickel-phosphorus (Ni-P) thin-film resistors made on FR-4 laminate in a wide range of temperature (from −180…

New technologies of multi-layered printed circuit boards, intended of rapid-design electronic modules

Wojciech Stęplewski, Mateusz Mroczkowski, Radoslav Darakchiev, Konrad Futera, Grażyna Kozioł

The purpose of this study was the use of embedded components technology and innovative concepts of the printed circuit board (PCB) for electronic modules containing…

Reactance components embedded in printed circuit boards

Wojciech Stęplewski, Andrzej Dziedzic, Adam Kłossowicz, Paweł Winiarski, Janusz Borecki, Grażyna Kozioł, Tomasz Serzysko

– This paper aims to report the investigations of capacitors and inductors embedded into printed circuit boards (PCBs) designed in various layouts.

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