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Learning curve theory and innovation

William Burr, Nick Pearne

– The purpose of this paper is to look at innovation and the tension which arises between proprietorship and standardization.

Self-aligned flat ultra-thin chip package for flexible circuits

Liang Wang, Maarten Cauwe, Steven Brebels, Walter De Raedt, Jan Vanfleteren

Ultra-thin chip packaging (UTCP) is one of the flexible assembly technologies, by which thinned dies are encapsulated inside spin-coated dielectric films. For sake of higher…

Multi-shot printing of conductive tracks using a dry carbon nanotube ink

Andrew Wright

Wearable electronics is an emerging technology predicted to become a 50B$ industry by 2018. Components and circuits will be highly integrated into clothing and other apparel. One…

Printed silver circuits for FMCG packaging

David Tudor Gethin, Eifion Huw Jewell, Tim Charles Claypole

Printed flexible circuits that combined conventional silicon technology will enable the realisation of many value added products such as smart packaging for the fast moving…

Investigation of tool wear mechanism and tool geometry optimization in drilling of PCB fixture hole

Xiaohu Zheng, Dapeng Dong, Lixin Huang, Xibin Wang, Ming Chen

– The paper aims to investigate tool wear mechanism and tool geometry optimization of drilling PCB fixture hole.

The application of mineral casting in high-precision printed circuit board drilling machine

Haitian Zou, Baolin Wang, Fumin Song, Lianyu Fu

The purpose of this paper is to verify the feasibility and reliability of mineral casting applied in high-precision printed circuit board (PCB) drilling machine. The mechanical…

Characterization of PCB routing process and optimization of tool design based on the investigation of routing temperature

Lianyu Fu, Jian Wang, Qiang Guo

The purpose of this paper is to provide the method and system to conduct online measurement and the characterization of temperature during printed circuit board (PCB) routing…

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