Circuit World: Volume 26 Issue 4


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Metallurgy and performance of electrodeposited copper for flexible circuits

H.D. Merchant, J.T. Wang, L.A. Giannuzzi, Y.L. Liu

In this paper, we consider intrinsic properties of copper electrodeposited as plateup on polyimide substrate, thermal response of electrodeposited copper and fatigue performance…


Trends in HDI flex

E. Jan Vardaman

Flex circuits are a critical component in a wide and growing range of applications: automotive; industrial; military/aerospace; computer and telecommunications; consumer; and…


New technologies for electrical testing: PWB cost impact

Christophe Vaucher

While PWB selling prices keep on decreasing at the average rate of 6 percent per year, the cost of advanced electrical testing is escalating in a dangerous way. Today, investing…

Predicting HDI design density

Happy Holden, Richard Charbonneau

This paper reveals a new methodology for predicting the most efficient design rules to follow for high density printed wiring boards prior to physical layout. The only input is…

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