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An overview of surface finishes and their role in printed circuit board solderability and solder joint performance

Paul T. Vianco

An overview has been presented on the topic of alternative surface finishes for package I/Os and circuit board features. Aspects of processability and solder joint reliability…


Reliability comparison of different surface finishes on copper

Shelgon Yee, Harjinder Ladhar

This paper focuses on the comparative study on reliability performance of various surface coatings. Only brief descriptions of coating processes, material physical properties…

A unique electroplating tin chemistry

Yun Zhang, Joseph A. Abys

A novel tin electrodeposition chemistry and process has been developed at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, New Jersey, USA. This process produces smooth, satin bright tin…


18 μm electrodeposited copper foil for flex fatigue applications

Harish D. Merchant, Melvin G. Minor, Sid J. Clouser, Dan T. Leonard

The strain‐based flex fatigue of 18 μm thick copper foil is evaluated over a wide range of strain amplitudes. Seven electrodeposited foils, four commercial grades and three…

A new small CTE system from COPNA resin/E‐glass fabrics

Kazunari Nawa, Masakazu Ohkita

Based on the superior properties of the COPNA resin laminate exhibiting Tg at 255∞C, small CTE at 5‐7 ppm (xy‐axis) and at 29 ppm (z‐axis), reliability of both two‐layered and…

An understanding of the structure and geography of the subcontract PCB industry in the UK

Cy Hughes, David J. Williams, Terry Edwards

This paper examines the make‐up of the subcontract printed circuit board industry in the UK and identifies the geographical location of manufacturing sites together with the…


Surface evaluation of the silver finishes via sequential electrochemical reduction analysis (SERA)

P. Bratin, Michael Pavlov, Gene Chalyt

This paper extends our study of the sequential electrochemical reduction analysis (SERA) technique for evaluation of various alternative finishes and it discusses the application…

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