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Effects of Rework on the Reliability of Pin Grid Array Interconnects

J. Lau, S. Leung, R. Subrahmanyan, D. Rice, S. Erasmus, C.Y. Li

In this study, the reliability of solder joints and plated‐through hole copper pads/barrels of pin grid array assemblies under rework condition has been determined by fatigue…

The Thermal and Electrical Characterisation of PWB Test Vehicles Built with Low Dielectric Constant Materials

M.F. Blackshaw, L.H. Lee, R. Burt

The trend towards high speed digital processing has stimulated the need for new substrate materials with superior electrical properties for multilayer printed wiring board (PWB…

Adhesiveless Flexible Copper‐polyimide Thin Film Laminates

V. Fronz

For TAB tapes and flex circuitry, laminates with adhesives (3‐layer laminates) are commonly used. The drawbacks of adhesives are well known. Adhesiveless flexible copper‐polyimide…

PWB Interconnect Strategy Using a Full Build Electroless Copper Plating System

K. Minten, J. Toth

Two current full build electroless copper deposits were investigated. This paper demonstrates that there are fundamental differences in the nature of their deposits. The…

Investigation of Copper Deposition on Printed Circuit Boards Using Taguchi Methods

I. Halužan, D. Reichenbach

This study describes how the copper deposition rate and the degree of copper coverage in the holes on printed circuit boards were investigated. The composition of the chemical…

Product Costing—An Essential Element for Success in Bare Board Manufacture

C.G. Robinson

In the fiercely competitive environment of printed circuit manufacturing, price undercutting has become the normal marketing tool. While selling prices are being influenced by the…

The Effects of Ultrasonic Cleaning on Device Degradation—An Update

B.P. Richards, P. Burton, P.K. Footner

The effects of ultrasonic agitation on electronic components during PCB cleaning has long been the subject of controversy. This paper summarises the results of a series of studies…

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