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Designing for Zero‐defect Soldering

M. Weinhold

This paper describes how PCB designers must adjust their approach to take into account the new requirements for the production of high technology printed circuit boards using the…

Influence of Substrate Thickness and Preheat Treatment on the Adhesion and Dimensional Stability of Polyacrylate‐based Photoresist Lamination in Printed Circuit Fabrication

E.S.W. Kong

During fuser‐roll resist lamination processes, the copper‐clad FR‐4 substrate surface temperature was found to be inversely proportional to the substrate thickness. This…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 1 Assessment of the Problem

C. Lea, F.H. Howie

This paper introduces a series of eight describing the research work undertaken into the most pervasive of quality assurance problems in the mass soldering of plated‐through‐hole…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 2 The Nature, Origin and Evolution of the Gas

F.H. Howie, C. Lea

This paper is the second of a series dealing with the blowholing problem on through‐hole plated printed circuit boards. In the previous paper the authors have considered the…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 3 Moisture and the PCB

M.P. Seah, F.H. Howie, C. Lea

This is the third paper in the series of eight, studying voids and blowholes in PTH printed circuit boards. In the previous papers the industrial significance of this problem has…

Statistics, Designed Experiments and Printed Wiring Board Assembly

L.R. Lichtenberg, M. Sleiman, M.J. Harry

During the past few years, statistical process control and experiment design concepts have taken a prominent place within the industry. The use of such tools within the Motorola…

Contamination Control: Quo Vadis?

B.N. Ellis

This paper essentially describes what is believed will become the norm in contamination control over the next decade, as applied to laminate and PC manufacture, components…

Base, Substrate Materials for the Construction of Electronic Assemblies; Special Application of Surface Mount Technology Printed Circuit Boards

A. Angstenberger

The general section of the paper discusses in detail the demands of SMD‐Technology on Printed Circuit Boards, namely dimensional, thermal, electrical and chemical requirements on…

Recent UL Printed Wiring Changes May Affect You

J. Furness

New requirements for printed wiring base materials were announced by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. They will impact on the OEM, the printed wiring manufacturer, and his base…

Electrostatic Coating of Photoresists

G. Hultzsch

Electrostatic spray coating with liquid photoresists is described. The process takes place in a horizontal coating station especially developed for the printed circuit board. Thin…

The Slow Return to Viability

Roger L. Tyler

In my previous article ‘At the Bottom of the Trough’ which was published in this journal in January, I suggested that a general upturn would be delayed until the late Spring/early…

Contraves AG, Zürich

Lorna Cullen

With Contraves AG celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation, 1986 seemed an appropriate year in which to visit its Zürich headquarters and multilayer production…

MANIA Elektronik Automatisation Entwicklung Gerätebau GmbH, Schmitten, W. Germany

Lorna Cullen

It has to be admitted that sometimes weekend travel has its compensations. Whereas previous sojourns in Frankfurt had meant busy days confined indoors in the city itself, with…

Du Pont Electronics—Further Expansion and Development to Serve the European Electronics Industry

Du Pont is one of the largest and most diversified suppliers of materials systems, components and storage media to the world's electronics industry. Sales have increased from $54…

Circuit Technology—This Year and Next

As part of The British Electronics Week this year, Circuit Technology '86 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the granting of the first printed circuit patent by staging its…

Internepcon Production 1986 Review 8–10 April, NEC, Birmingham

The decision to split Internepcon/UK into two component parts, the production and the packaging sectors, seemed justified in April when over 9,000 representatives from the…

ICT News

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton, provided the venue on 4–5 June for this, the first European Printed Circuit Convention to be organised jointly by the European institute of Printed…

International institute news

Earl Moon of Viking Interconnect Systems addressed those present at the 21 May meeting on the subject of ‘Characterisation of Military SMT/MLB Requirements as a Function of the…

Industry news

TDS Circuits Ltd announce two important changes to their Board of Directors to increase their management resources, at the highest level, during their current high intensity…

New products

A new heat pump system, developed by Forward Ultrasonics and sister company KLN of Germany, is being used in the Fultra range of ultrasonic, free‐standing, two‐stage cleaning…

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