Planning Review: Volume 14 Issue 5


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Mike Davidson

During the Seventies, strategic planning was tried and found wanting. Or was it? Corporate leadership's response to the tremendous increase in competitive intensity in the…

Doers as planners

Bernard C. Reimann

Strategic management gives an organization the power to “create its own future.” This was the gist of H. Igor Ansoff's message to management more than two decades ago…

Pacific/Asian markets

Christopher Parsons

U.S. companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of doing business in the Pacific/Asian Rim. But as they begin to explore the opportunies in the area, they're…

Questioning assumptions: One company's answer to the planner's nemesis

Margaret A. Stroup

How familiar is the lament, “It wasn't our plans that went wrong, it was our underlying assumptions.” Each year, planners carefully integrate products, cost of goods sold…

Planning at Bechtel: End of the Megaproject Era

Denis M. Slavich

While the mid seventies to the early Eighties were a boom time for engineering and construction firms engaged in mega‐project construction, the past few years have seen a…

GTE's strategic tracking system

Charles M. Jones

In 1984, the management of GTE Diversified Products established a formal system to track the implementation of our strategic plans. Since this new program was quite…

Quick change strategies for vertical integration

Kathryn Rudie Harrigan

The decision to make or buy product components or services must constantly be reevaluated as a firm's competitive position changes. But managers often fail to keep fine…

Winning strategies for small manufacturers

Peter Wright

Who's the lowest cost steel‐plate producer in America? Is it one of the big American steel producers, such as U.S. Steel? No, the lowest prices are offered by Lukens…

Planning at aAtlantic Richfield

David Rees

In May 1986, the Planning Forum's Southern California Chapter presented its Award for Excellence in Strategic Management and Planning to Robert E. Wycoff, the…



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