International Journal of Quality Science: Volume 1 Issue 3


Managing Quality

Table of contents

An integrative approach for selecting a TQM/BPR implementation plan

Farzaneh Fazel, Gary Salegna

States that there is general agreement among total quality management (TQM) and business process re‐engineering (BPR) experts that properly implemented organizational…

A framework for environmental quality assessment

Christian N. Madu

Asserts that an environmental quality assessment programme is essential in ensuring sustainable development. Management needs a programme to enable it to provide value in…

Employee affective reactions to organizational quality efforts

James Carlopio, Dianne Gardner

Examines two hypotheses: first, that employees’ perceptions of their firm’s quality efforts are related to employee affective reactions (satisfaction, commitment, turnover…

Quality notes: empowerment and the system of profound knowledge

Contends that while “empowerment” is a commonly used term, it is not defined operationally in the context of Deming’s theory of management (called “the system of profound…



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1996 – 1998

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