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A Study of Various Nitrogen‐based Furnace Atmospheres and Their Effects on Copper Thick‐film Conductors and Dielectrics

W. Yext, E.A. Hayduk, C.K. Fisher

Manufacturers of multilayer copper thick‐film circuitry face the challenge of firing parts in an inert nitrogen atmosphere to prevent the copper from oxidising. Nitrogen…

Non‐conventional Applications of Thick‐film Technology

R. Dell'Acqua

Thick‐film technology to implement passive elements, network and hybrid circuits has been widely used for four decades and its importance is still growing. While on one…

From Soldering Iron to Laser A Review of Soldering Methods for Surface Mounting

G. Becker

Soldering techniques for surface mount technology are still in their early stages. Therefore, a survey is given of the main soldering methods which are currently used in…

Thick Film Resistors with High TCR

R. Kuž, E. Kopřivová, J. Broukal

New resistor compositions prepared by using special kinds of glass, CdO and ruthenium compound have been developed. The properties of resistors prepared from various…

Design and Fabrication of Thick Film Sensors

N. White, A. Cranny

This paper describes the stages in the construction of sensors implemented in thick film technology. The use of CAD facilities greatly reduces the time required for…

Laser Soldering of Surface Mounted Assemblies

C. Lea

Laser soldering has become a viable method for the assembly of surface mounting components on printed circuit boards. This paper discusses the techniques both in terms of…

A Test Substrate for Thermal Analysis of Hybrid Circuits

G. De Mey, S. Demolder

This paper describes a simple test configuration which allows an analytical solution for thermal analysis. Comparison with experimental measurements has been undertaken…

Thick‐film Resistor as a Heater

J. Kozłowski, A. Dziedzic, K. Nitsch, R.F. Szeloch

This paper presents the thermal behaviour of the thick‐film resistor. Continuous and pulse power heating were supplied. The maximum non‐destroyed power was established and…

Industrial Aspects of Hybrid Production

A. Möller

With high growth rates, hybrid technology has attained a strong position in microelectronics. Consequently, industrial aspects are coming to the fore. The target is ‘Just…

Hybrid Microelectronics Design The Intergraph Solution

L. Möllerström

This paper describes a fully integrated system for automated design and manufacture of hybrid microcircuits, enabling all engineering and manufacturing disciplines to be…

Iskra, Sentjernej, Yugoslavia

Iskra, now Yugoslavia's largest electronics company, has come a long way from the old engine factory in which it started just 40 years ago. Today, with 34,000 employees…

ISHM news

Eighty‐five participants attended the 4th ISHM Display meeting at the Jaarbeurs Congress Centre in Utrecht on 16 October, 1986. The programme of the day started with the…

Industry news

ESL Warren Mitch has been selected by Electro‐Science Laboratories as Mideastern Regional Sales Manager. Mr Mitch joins ESL with 17 years electronics experience in R&D…

New products

New Conductor Composition Reduces Firing Time by Half Du Pont has introduced a new palladium‐silver conductor composition which, with a firing cycle of only 15–30 minutes…

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