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Selective metallization of solar cells

Edyta Wrobel, Piotr Kowalik, Janusz Mazurkiewicz

This paper aims to present the possibility of the technology of chemical metallization for the production of contact of photovoltaic cells. The developed technology allows…

Integrated hygro-swelling and thermo-mechanical behavior of mold compound for MEMS package during reflow after moisture preconditioning

Jae B. Kwak, Seungbae Park

The purpose of this paper was to study the combined effect of hygro and thermo-mechanical behavior on a plastic encapsulated micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS…

Microfabrication of Si3N4-polyimide membrane for thermo-pneumatic actuator

Norihan Abdul Hamid, J. Yunas, B. Yeop Majlis, A.A. Hamzah, B. Bais

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the fabrication technology and test of thermo-pneumatic actuator utilizing Si3N4-polyimide thin film membrane. Thin film polyimide…

Electric, magnetic and high frequency properties of screen printed ferrite-ferroelectric composite thick films on alumina substrate

N. Patil, N.B. Velhal, R. Pawar, Vijaya Puri

The purpose of this article is to study the effect of ferrite content on electric, magnetic and microwave properties of screen-printed y(Ni0.4Co0.2Cd0.4Fe2O4) + (1 …

Effect of wire diameter and hook location on second bond failure modes

Fuaida Harun, Roslina Ismail, Azman Jalar, Shahrum Abdullah

– This paper aims to analyze the effect of Au wire size and location of hook during wire pulling test to identify the variation of results obtained.

Thermal and mechanical properties of sintered Ag layers for power module assembly

Marcin Myśliwiec, Ryszard Kisiel

The purpose of our paper is to investigate thermal and mechanical properties of Ag sintered layers used for assembly of SiC diode to Direct Bonding Copper (DBC…

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