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Two Novel Applications of Adhesives for Optical Microelectronics

M. Erickson

Most of HEI’s custom andstandard optical switches require one lens to focus light from an LED and another to collect andconcentrate that light onto a photoelectric diode…


A Principle of a Hybrid Microwave Power Sensor Based on Thermometric Measurements

P. Xavier, D. Rauly, A. Daullé

A new principle of sensor is proposed for determination of microwave power in planar structures, through the direct measurementof a temperature gradient in the substrate…


Precision Tin/Lead Alloy Plating for Flip‐Chip Mounting Technology

H. Richter, K. Ruess, A. Gemmler, W. Leonhard

Bumping is a prerequisite forflip‐chip attachment of bare dies. For silicon semiconductors bumping is normally performedon the ICs at wafer scale. Bumping can be performed…


Effects of Lift‐off Procedures on Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Photoresists

N. Imber, M. Hershcovitz, A. Ashur, I. E. Klein

A study was undertaken to correlate macroscopic profile variations in the photoresist duringlift‐off procedures with changes in material properties. It was established…


The Analysis of Manufacturing Processes for Plastic Ball Grid Arrays (PBGAs)

G. Hill

Plastic ball grid arrays (PBGAs) have begun to gain popularity in the electronic packaging marketbecause of their advantages over peripheral leaded devices. In addition to…


Popcorning in PBGA Packages During IR Reflow Soldering

P. McCluskey, R. Munamarty, M. Pecht

Plastic ball grid arrays (PBGAs) have been gaining increasing industry acceptanceas potentially the lowest cost packages for high pin count applications. The main factors…

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