Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 8 Issue 3/4


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Going behond twentieth century leadership: a CEO develops his company’s global competitiveness

Nancy J. Adler, Laura W. Brody, Joyce S. Osland

Makes the case that companies intending to become globally competitive must recruit and develop the most talented people, men and women. Describes the experience of one company in…


Women in management: a comparative cross‐cultural overview

Azura Omar, Marilyn J. Davidson

Provides a review of the position of women in management in a number of countries. Describes how in almost all countries, management positions are dominated by men. Concludes…


Women international managers: the European experience

Margaret Linehan

Focuses specifically on the experiences of women international managers in Europe. Surveys 50 women in senior positions. Shows how this group consistently reported more difficult…

Different perspectives on selection for international assignments: the impact of LMX and gender

Arup Varma, Linda K. Stroh

Considers the success of the Leader‐Member exchange (LMX) model tested over various populations. States that it has not been tested in the selection of employees for international…


Where do American women face their biggest obstacle to expatriate career success? back in their own backyard

Charles M. Vance, Yongsun Paik

Attempts to verify anecdotal and field evidence of an unfounded expatriate assignment selection bias against American females. Surveyed the perceptions of US, German and Mexican…


Managerial women’s career experiences, satisfaction and well‐being: a five country study

Ronald J. Burke

Examines the relationship of work experiences hypothesized to be related to women’s career satisfaction as well as their psychological well being. Looks at data collected by…




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