Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 1 Issue 2


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Cross‐cultural Management: An Economic Issue Too!

Joseph W. Ford

US firms have long since recognized the economic necessity of expanding their market overseas; however instead of adopting cross‐cultural management strategies used by their…


Cross‐cultural Management and the Development of Organizational Science

Hayat Kabasakal

Provides concise examples of the importance of culture in the development of organizational science, management, education and practices of international or multinational…


Sales Promotion in a World Economy

Martin C. Smith

Investigates how sales promotion relates to the product base of a given country; gives factors to be considered by international companies in the world economy; believes political…


Cross‐cultural Management: A Personal View

Dianne H.B. Welsh

Briefly provides a personal view of the necessity of cross‐cultural management, the main reasons being: access to newly freed communist countries; little empirical information to…


Educational Concerns and Global Perspectives

James Liguori

Describes the importance of providing cross‐cultural awareness early on in education; states that it is possible to create a set of opportunities which will allow a student as…

Cross‐cultural Communication

Phillip W. Balsmeier, Anita K. Heck

Discusses cross‐cultural communication as a process of becoming aware of another culture's habits, actions and reasons behind behaviours; and explores low‐context, high‐context…


A Comparative Research on International Executive Compensation

Marilyn M. Helms, Mark Crowder

An effective compensation programme for expatriates must provide adequate incentives to encourage the right persons to accept overseas assignments and to do their best in meeting…

A Research into Industrial Relations Considerations under NAFTA

Ronald S. Allen

Written for an international industrial relations class in the Hagan School of Business, explores the potential difficulties of cultural variations of the USA, Canada and Mexico…

Privatizing Canneries in Hungary

Douglas L. Bartley, Michael S. Minor

Restructuring activities in Eastern Europe have been widely discussed. Examines firm‐level impediments to the conversion of state‐owned enterprises to market‐oriented firms…



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