Internet Research: Volume 7 Issue 4


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The real world and virtual worlds

Stan Glaser

Discusses some of the limitations of virtual reality (VR) with reference to socio‐technical systems ‐ the interaction of people with technology. Argues that VR has potential…


Identifying user‐based criteria for Web pages

Eileen G. Abels, Marilyn Domas White, Karla Hahn

Reports on Phase I of a two‐part project to identify and implement user‐based design criteria in World Wide Web pages. The purpose of the identification phase (Phase I) is to…


Mozart versus Minsky: information bias on the Internet

David G. Schwartz

Notes that until the advent of the Internet, major libraries and text repositories were considered by all as bastions of information, but the Internet has opened up a…



Larry Scheuermann, Gary Taylor

Netiquette is derived by merging the words network and etiquette. More specifically the term netiquette has been described as the conventions of politeness recognized on Usenet…


Creating common knowledge: school networking in an urban setting

Robert D. Carlitz, Mario Zinga

Describes a project currently under way in the Pittsburgh Public Schools seeking to develop new environments for teaching and learning using the technology of wide area computer…

Internet’s information highway potential

Dirk De Maeyer

Examines the Internet’s potential for becoming an information highway. Defines the information highway and the Internet. Describes the characteristics of an information highway…


Internet implementation in Brazilian K‐12 schools

Luiz Antonio Joia

Internet is a real phenomenon. This technology is being spread out in all fields of our society, including education. But Internet does not come alone; a new modus operandi is…

Who is going online? Results from the National Capital FreeNet

Andrew S. Patrick, Alex Black

The National Capital FreeNet (NCF) in Ottawa, Canada is one of the largest and most successful community online services in the world. A sample of 1,073 National Capital FreeNet…

RPC‐News: a real‐time, personalized, Chinese news system

Da‐Wei Chang, Ing‐Chou Chen, Hao‐Ren Ke, Ruei‐Chuan Chang

With the speedy growth of information quantity, people need a mechanism to discover automatically the information that interests them. Such a mechanism is called selective…

The base delta principle

Hitoshi Noguchi

Proposes a system in which the information superhighway can be built, maintained and routinely upgraded by the efforts of multitudes of small scale servers looking after only…


Library OPACS on the Web: finding and describing directories

Marcia Henry

Several articles in the journal Campus‐Wide Information Systems have been devoted to describing the different directories which link to library catalogs on the Internet and the…

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