Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 11 Issue 1


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Quality in higher education: from monitoring to management

John Cullen, John Joyce, Trevor Hassall, Mick Broadbent

Concepts of accountable management in the public sector have ensured that issues relating to performance measurement have been high on the agenda of higher education institutions…


Students’ perceptions of quality in higher education

Yvonne Hill, Laurie Lomas, Janet MacGregor

This study aims to ascertain student perceptions of a quality experience in higher education. The empirical research made use of focus groups involving a range of higher education…


Pilot tutorial project as a quality action

Mariano Ubé, Inmaculada Plaza, Carlos Medrano, Alfonso Blesa

Aims to show that quality concepts can be used in a real university world case by teachers who are voluntarily charged with the task of developing a program designed for helping…

Critical friends: a tool for quality improvement in universities

Rosario Andreu, Lourdes Canós, Susana de Juana, Encarnación Manresa, Laura Rienda, Juan José Tarí

Quality programmes in higher education in Spain consist of a review to be conducted by a panel composed of external and internal members. These activities may contribute towards…


Return to academic standards: a critique of student evaluations of teaching effectiveness

Charles R. Emery, Tracy R. Kramer, Robert G. Tian

A student evaluation of teaching effectiveness (SETE) is often the most influential information in promotion and tenure decision at colleges and universities focused on teaching…

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