Management Development Review: Volume 9 Issue 5


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Will we ever learn? The continued (mis)‐application of rational management technique to an irrational world

Steve Ellis

Questions the existence of traditionally‐structured organizations. Discusses important factors in successful organizations in a turbulent environment. Covers topics such as new…


Expansion and people development at the Skipton

John Griffiths

Discusses the building society’s approach to its expansion programme, which is based on developing the workforce. Describes the development programme and the development centre…


Managing a fashion boutique

Charles Margerison, Dick McCann, Olivier Wyler

Reports on how the Types of Work Index was used to ascertain roles of boutique managers in the LVMH group. Discusses what the different roles involve. Concludes that the exercise…


Rethinking HR competences

Chris Ashton

The Rank Organisation has been attempting to become focused on business needs by rethinking the roles and competences required by practitioners. Details the organization’s…


Cases in disability

Ian Campbell

The 1995 Disability Discrimination Act will come into force on 2 December 1996, but will not automatically make consideration of disability illegal in employment‐related decision…


Competences: measuring the unmeasurable

David Robotham, Richard Jubb

Explains that the concept of competences is being used widely in the sphere of management development as a means for measuring the performance of individuals. This growth in use…


“Good” leadership

Scott E. Drouillard, Brian H. Kleiner

Makes a necessary and rarely touted distinction as to moral or “good” leadership versus amoral leadership. The most common textbook definitions of business leadership are lacking…


Employers appreciate 360‐degree feedback

Derek Curtis

Suggests that once companies introduce 360‐degree feedback, it becomes an established part of their performance appraisal system. Provides reasons why one‐dimensional feedback is…


Drawn into change

Sarah Reddiford

Describes a four‐year study to identify the emotional state of National Health Service and local government senior and middle managers. This was accomplished via managers’…




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