Employee Counselling Today: Volume 8 Issue 6


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Effective learners in action learning sets

Alan Mumford

Identifies the most important weaknesses of current literature on action learning as the failure to get contributions from set members as distinct from facilitators, and…


Experiencing action learning

Tom Bourner, Paul Frost

Offers a fresh perspective on action learning by looking at how action learning is experienced by the action learning participants themselves. Does this by asking the…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/00197859510147058. When citing…


Action learning: route or barrier to the learning organization?

Rosemary Harrison

Many claims have been made over the years for the superiority of action learning (AL). One of the most significant is that it provides a model of the learning…


A study of the role of learning advisers in action learning

Judy O’Neil

One of the keys to dealing with continuous change successfully within organizations, and society in general, is the ability to learn how to learn from, and during…


Action learning: bridging academic and workplace domains

Robert L. Dilworth

Addresses the need to interrelate academic and workplace domains from the perspective of management development. To address either domain in relative exclusion from the…


Just another talking shop? Some of the pitfalls in action learning

Tom Bourner, Krystyna Weinstein

Looks at some possible pitfalls in introducing and operating a programme of action learning by drawing on the authors’ own experiences and those of their friends and colleagues.




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