Circuit World: Volume 28 Issue 1


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Interconnection strategies for high‐density printed circuits – an overview

Joseph Fjelstad

The drive to increase the functionality and performance of electronic products has resulted in the need to increase the density of every element of the electronics assembly from…

Implementing solid solder deposits (SSDs) in PCB manufacture

J. DeBlis

Solid solder deposit (SSD) technology was developed in the early to mid‐1990s to improve first pass yields in the manufacture of electronic devices. Examines the SSD process and…

Using computer models to identify optimal conditions for flip‐chip assembly and reliability

Christopher Bailey, Hua Lu, Greg Glinski, Daniel Wheeler, Phil Hamilton, Mike Hendriksen, Brian Smith

Flip‐chip assembly, developed in the early 1960s, is now being positioned as a key joining technology to achieve high‐density mounting of electronic components on to printed…

Inspection of PCBs by laser‐induced fluorescence

Alex Alaluf, David Birnbaum

Examines the use of laser‐induced fluorescence for the inspection of printed circuit boards. Discusses how it works, how it compares with other inspection options and what…

Numerical simulation of embedded passive components in multi‐layer PCB structures

D.M. Stubbs, S.H. Pulko, A.J. Wilkinson

Numerical modelling is used to predict the thermal behaviour of embedded passive components in multi‐layer PCBs. A three‐signal layer PCB, containing embedded resistors of…

Horizontal processing for metallizing microvias

John Gebhardt, Keith Waryold, Dave Oglesby, John Graves

The demand for higher operating speeds and increasing densification in electronic packages is driving designers to reduce feature sizes in order to accommodate increases in I/O…

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